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  1. Engo

    Gone to Vegas

    Isn't there this big casino which looks like a pyramide? (Yes, I just know Vegas from GTA )
  2. Engo

    Gone to Vegas

    You should know what to do then. (or maybe what not to do )
  3. On PC I prefer Battlefield, because the PC-support for CoD is very bad in my opinion. Patches came out very late, while PS3 and xBox had them since month. I played MW1 + 2 very much, but the new ones are bad I think.
  4. If you have enogh money, why not the new iPad? But I would prefer an android tablet. For example a samsung tablet is not worst than an iPad. It's just cheaper. Furthermore I like android more than iOS, but that's in the eye of the behavior. If it should be an iPad, and you have the money, I think you should buy the new one.
  5. Hey, I saw this awesome trailer a few minutes ago on youtube. Never heard about it, but it will release in 2012. In my opinion it looks real nice. I hope it will be like "The elder scrolls" in future. I would like to know how the gameplay works, but I think there is nothing known about that!? /edit: Forgot to put the trailer in >.<
  6. Engo


    Welcome. I think you could be able to help me out sometimes. Do you have also experience in progamminglanguages like java?
  7. Engo

    Favorite Console?

    I don't like any consoles. Not as "main gaming device". But for playing with friends I prefer xBox 360 too, but just because I like the controllers more. On the other hand, playstation is free of charge for playing online. I also heard there will be a new generation of xBox and Playstation soon!?
  8. My first PC had Windows 95 too, but I think win98 was available too at this time. It needed 2 minutes to start up, but I was so happy that I could play GTA2. When I was 8 we bought a Highend PC with 2GHZ CPU, and the newest GPU (I think it was Nvidea 4800 or something like that.) I was so proud that I could play the newest games like GTA VC, CoD2 etc. without any problems.
  9. Engo

    Gone to Vegas

    Wow, one of my favourite wishes Mhh, can't tell you what to do there, what do other people do in Vegas? I wish you a lot of fun, and a nice hangover.
  10. I played every Assassins Creed game, and I liked them all. But AC Revelations was not as amazing as the second or brotherhood. They were all very nice, but there will be many other great games in this year too. (Maybe GTA V ) In my opinion AC is really fun, but can't keep up with GTA, CoD (either I don`t like the new ones very much), and Max Payne. But I will definitly buy it.
  11. I prefer Windows 7 too. As far as I know, Windows 8 is especially for touchcomputers. I think there could be problems when using keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, every Windows with a even number (is that right? 'Google translater') is a fail. Fun aside, I think i stay at Windows 7, I'm happy with it.
  12. Hi, first of all I want to say that this is a great forum. I registered today, and I really enjoy it. But I would really like to have one more box at the right side of the board. When I visit the Blog, i see a box which shows the latest posts. I would like to have this box in the forums too, so I can see easier if there are new posts in threads I'm interested in. At the moment there is just a box with the latest topics. Or is there any option where I can set the boxes like I want?
  13. Engo

    Engo is here!

    Thanks, I try to do my best.
  14. I also want to learn Java. There are so many platforms which support Java. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and I think on much other Systems too, so it would be very useful. As far as I know there are also many languages like Visual Basic, which are based on Java.
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