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  1. For forums, my favourite software is actually the new upgrade from the old Invisionfree boards, cant remember the name off-hand.
  2. Vimeo overall is almost exclusively for high-wuality and more business-like or actual creative works. Most vimeo views are a result of adverts, not their own Vimeo search. For this reason, I'll be sticking with Youtube in order to garner more views, but enjoy the Vimeo uploads from others.
  3. Tell me about it! I almost switched my service from Capital One, as their on-line service sucked so much.
  4. I'd say stick with Dreamweaver or Wordpress, as not only do they index faster/easier, they are also easy to set-up.
  5. Windows 95 had four floppie disks, if I remember correctly.
  6. I've seen a lot of interest in jQuery lately, which is rather good for those who currently work with Javascript. With your C and Java experience, learning Javascript shouldn't be too difficult; the syntax is based off of C anyways.
  7. Wait, do you mean you're paying out $2,000.00 through elance? Or is "$2k" a form of elance currency?
  8. I've used MTurk a little bit, but I wasn't convinced by it. The intense simplicity of all of their tasks for an easy cent or two just doesn't appeal to me very much; there's nothing really interesting about that.
  9. Every site is going to be littered with marketing spam; that's just how people choose to advert, or try to sell/gain attention to their product. Being able to tell someone that they will pay you x amount of dollars for every click on their advert or page, and there you have a cheap source of marketing labour as well; that's where I see a lot of current business going.
  10. Zacko


    If you learn anything interesting while you're there, be sure to tell us!
  11. I've only made $75 or so through nearly a year's worth of promoting my Amazon affiliate link through the blogs I own, the $75.00 coupon I had for adsense barely brought me in any revenue.
  12. Sorry about the lack of clarity in my writing! That's exactly what I meant; thank you for interpreting! Hope I cleared up any confusion with my edit of the old post.
  13. The micronation is called "Sealand," and they are currently a novel nation of sorts, who specialize in selling royal titles such as Lord, Baron, Lady, Baroness in order to raise revenue.
  14. Trust me, Mass Effect III won't be in the running for that prize. Although, maybe its DLC will. Sigh. Mass Effect 3.
  15. Zacko


    I feel it'd be a little awkward for sure. I'm not sure that'd I would go, even with the chance and a free ticket- I guess it's a niche kind of thing.
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