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  1. I love checking Google Analytics and following up, provides some very interesting statistics. That must be the beauty of forums. I'd never run a forum myself, but that seems like an effective way to judge. I checked out the Prosper202 website. It does look like a very useful tool, thanks for sharing!
  2. That is absolutely astounding! Goodbye real outside world, I'm replacing my windows with that. As a naive child I thought we'd all be in hovercrafts by 2012. But that's a real sign of the times. 20 or 25 years ago this is technology we would have imagined we would have in regular use by now. Now imagine a future where there would be one of these in each home, the Kinect or other peripheral being as small as a dime on the wall. I'm a fan of the train view personally, but a Jurassic Park themed one would be even more hilarious. A T-Rex peeking through my faux windows would brighten my day.
  3. What tools do you keep an eye on during those huge ad and marketing campaigns? An office friend of mine keeps up with his affiliate marketing campaigns with at bare minimum excel and the Google Adwords tool. Being a marketing noobie, I keep it pretty simple too. Anyone use any statistics tools to keep track of how effective your campaign is? What's your toolset, Developerbase?
  4. Informative post, I'm pretty exited for .free domains. These have potential for being great for advertising, much better than the old .tk and .co.nr domains that have been free for years. If you don't know what I'm talking about and want more information on HOW it likely will be free, Google dot.tk. If .free is legit, it may work in a very similar way.
  5. By 'groups' do you mean raids, 5-man dungeons, or both? Blacklist addon seems like a cool idea, but lately with cross-server 5-mans and raids you never really run into the same person twice. There's a lot of potential in a 5-man random dungeons if two trolls team up together. Let's say you and your partner make the tank angry. And the progress in the dungeon is halted by the amount of rage-induced comments he makes about your partner (Let's say your partner is a rogue in this example) You can vote to kick the TANK and in the description write "lets kick bad rogue". Everyone else, who a
  6. I've heard a lot of good things from fellow audiophiles about Sennheiser Headphones specifically for listening to music. Amazon is great for reading the hundreds or thousands of reviews. Sort by highest and lowest. Personally I love the Audio-Technica ATH Series. I use them for watching movies in surround sound. They sound fantastic. Lately I've been using them for music too. The only drawback is no noise cancelling, so anyone around you can hear what you're listening to. Another positive would be price range. The cheapest in the series still has great quality sound. Again, the
  7. No one is going to fess up, trolls are hated around the internet! I will tell a short story though. Once upon a time, it was 2am in World of Warcraft. We were doing the boring old dungeons, but having an interesting conversation in guild chat. There was a new guy in the guild, a US Marine. He had just got back from his tour in Iraq. Man, did he have some interesting stories! But it had turned out we had another Marine in the guild. A Vietnam war veteran! You don't believe it? I've voice chatted with many married couples and elderly people in World of Warcraft over the years. I wouldn
  8. Yes. I was replying to the sentence "I might be interested in advertising if you get good impressions per day." Doesn't the amount of impressions you get per day mainly depend on how much you promote?
  9. That's pretty impressive. My goal is $10/day. Do you think that getting impressions depends on what you do?
  10. PC. Unlimited upgrades, the most keybinds for more complex games, fastest reaction time with the improving technology of the gaming peripherals, and about 20+ years of backwards compatibility. You can do things with PC versions of games that you can't possibly touch with a controller. I do have a special place for another platform. The hackability and portability of the PSP. I couldn't believe how fast I hit 100 hours in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. PS3 and 360 are also fantastic. They each have their own 10/10 titles. Unfortunately my Wii doesn't get any play time unless friends come
  11. The biggest challenge in Website development is when you do everything yourself. Graphic Design, Page Layout, Traffic, SEO optimization, coding, ect. In some areas you may lack, but you want all areas to be as close to perfect as possible to run a successful website. The biggest single challenge I had when designing my first few websites was definitely making it appear the same in all browsers, and keeping the site centered in all desktop resolutions.
  12. Cloaking could have multiple uses, even more so if you get creative with it: -You could use a script to track different marketing campaigns when promoting your .tk domain instead of your .com. bit.ly does track visitors, but sometimes that bit.ly link isn't as attractive and some scripts are better. -Shortening a url. For example, if you had the domain websitedesignblog.com, you may shorten it to WDBlog.tk or WDB.tk -I see a lot of people registering every version of their domain. (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .tk) I'm no SEO expert, but after consistently seeing this over the years I
  13. Photoshop and KompoZer. I had a couple websites to design and code for clients. I started using Dreamweaver but switched over to KompoZer. I highly recommend it. It's the best free alternative to Dreamweaver. Hope this helps -James
  14. So I take it there are no REAL improvements at all from Windows 7? Wow, that sounds extremely annoying. I'm running Windows XP 32-bit right now, have been since 2004 and haven't had many problems with it. The main thing that kept me from upgrading is usually every time I would Google software or old games, there would be reports of 'having trouble running this on 64-bit' or 'doesn't work on windows 7'. Finally going to upgrade this week. Will probably be another 7-8 years before Microsoft comes up with a platform that's superior enough to upgrade.
  15. My name is James, I'm 23 and I have experience designing websites and marketing. Talk to you soon, thanks!
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