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  1. Bing is the worst se I think, although it is compatible with XBox ect, but Google is 10x better, it is one of the companies that are a little bit slang, for example, they say Nope, whilst others would say No ect. But it's up to you, what do you prefer, what gives you better results.
  2. What type of web bot are you trying to make, what do you want it to do?
  3. ItsBrad


    Welcome to DB, hope you have a good time.
  4. ItsBrad

    Basic PHP Guide

    Very nice, easy to understand well done!
  5. ItsBrad


    Thanks for the welcome, ugh no, sorry only PHP, CSS or basic jQuery.
  6. I have been thinking, what if Apple allowed XCode onto it's devices, preferably iPads, it would be reall nice, say you make something with it on youripad, it saves it to your apple account and from there you can submit the code ect. What are your thoughts?
  7. Whoa! Just seen the time (11:45Pm) should be as

  8. Nice, I see the staff have the glow effect
  9. YouTube, can find the things I want to watch straight away.
  10. ItsBrad


    Thanks Nathan, nice forum
  11. Hey, Does anyone create there own template engine or use already made ones like Smarty ect. I prefer to create my own template engine, so I don't have to give any copyright at all, so I'm safe, but also because it gave me more knowledge ect. What about you guys?
  12. ItsBrad


    Hello everyone, I'm Brad, based in Australia. I have been on the web since I was 10, I have got about 3 years of knowledge for web development and design. If you need anything let me know, Thanks.
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