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  1. I found it is very hard to cover complex topics with just 500 words. In fact I found it's hard to cover anything with less than 1,000 words if I want the article to be truly informative and won't leave the readers with lots of question marks after they have finished reading it. I didn't even plan the article length before I wrote them. I just write everything I know about the topic and went through every popular questions related to the topic. In the end, I found the articles are always over 1,000, and could be as long as 3,000 words. Yes, I do realize it can make some impatient p
  2. I thought it was made quite clear that the content of the videos had nothing to do with the ban. It was disabled for "Risk of invalid clicks". That is their "reason" and the only excuse. Basically, they were saying there might be invalid clicks in the future. If you must know, all of them are home made videos of aquarium fish.
  3. So many people say that SERP and traffic will drop if the site does not constantly get fresh content. Is it true? What if it is a micro niche that can only have so much content? What if 20 articles are enough to cover everything about this micro niche and nothing more can be talked about? Will the pages drop in SERP and traffic over time if no fresh content is added? What is your opinion? Is fresh content abosutely necessary? Is it abosutely needed for the case above?
  4. Lets say I have a web site = domain.com (home page) = PR1 There is a forum = domain.com/forums (forum main page) = PR2 Now after a few months I have changed my mind on the current site structure. I want to make it so the forum main page will be the homepage of the site. So I would like domain.com also lead to the forum home. The problem is, I do not wish to lose all the backlink juice to either, since I have some backlinks for both link addresses. Someone told me I should reset forum main page to domain.com, then use 301 redirect domain.com/forums to the same page. Is
  5. I guess it make sense that it is niche related. However, if one "size limited" niche can cover everything about it with lets say 20~30 articles, then after you have covered everything about it, there is nothing more to write. I know people say a web site need fresh content, and Google likes fresh content. Sites don't update often might drop in rank/SERP. So once the site is "completed" with its knowledge base, how would you deal with the (update) issue? Is it necessary to frequently update if you have already covered everything?
  6. I had captacha installed in place. The same one I used for the registration process which has been working quite well so far (for registeration). But I am still getting tons of spam mails through Contact. How come? Most of them aren't even in English.
  7. I don't think those sites were hit because they are micro niche. It must be other reasons such as poor content, over SEO(ed). If a niche's maxiumal protentional is only $100 per month, I see no future in it. I am not one of those people who want to run 50 different sites at the same time. I'd rather run 1~2, maybe 3 max sites with high protential and a very bright future to further develop the market.
  8. I have crossed this term quite a few times when it comes to SEO. Some people say bad SEO or overdoing it can get your site "sandboxed". I have a guess of what it is. Something like penalized by Google, right? But what kind of penalty? Is it permanent if your site is sandboxed?
  9. I didn't exactly get scammed. Just bad luck ran into a dude who was lazy, slow, as well as suddenly decide he could quit before finishing all the tasks he promised. He did get some stuff done, but not all. At first he disappeared for 1 week, all the PM and emails were unanswered. One week later he replied said he would be back. And he did. But only just another week, he disappeared again. It took him a month to reply said he is sorry and he would be back. But he never came back, and that was over 2 months ago. He isn't exactly a scammer. He just somehow believe he has th
  10. Since the launch of my site, Google page rank had only been updated once and that was a few months ago. I totally forgot when exactly it happened. Does anyone remember? When will the next update come?
  11. I have paid for web design, the result isn't so good. The jobs weren't all done and the dude disappeared after being paid $30x2. He was doing job extremely slow so he could say "It's really time consuming" and demanded another payment. I need to find a more reliable web designer. I will soon outsource article writing as well, not all of it, but only in the area I can't write my own. As a site/forum admin, how many tasks do you outsource? How much did you pay for them?
  12. 100~200 articles? That's a lot. Are we on the same page that each of these articles have a length of 1,000~3,000 words? It is not easy to write that many articles by a single person even that person is knowledge enough to write that many. If outsource that many articles, it's going to cost a fortune.
  13. If you have articles on your web site, all of them are 1,000~3,000 words. How many of such articles are required before the web site can be considered (not) thin? Are forum threads/posts seen as equal content as articles by search engines?
  14. Popular niche obviously have more people, but due to competition, it is hard to get a slice of that large pie as you just start from scratch. But if you are successful, the amount of traffic can be amazing. Micro niches have very few fans, but it can also have very few competitors. It is easier to be one of the top dogs, but the amount of traffic won't be amazing since it is "micro" after all. Which one do you think can do better if you start from scratch?
  15. Less than 10% of my traffic is from search engines. So I guess it wouldn't affect my site as much right now, but in the long run the only way to boost my overall traffic is to increase search engine traffic, so it will hurt my site after all if I suddenly lose search engine traffic.
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