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  1. I know HTML and CSS. I know very basic Javascript & PHP Just a little and even less AJAX. I'm still learning and would love to learn more JS, PHP and Ajax though. It'd be great to know and master these languages as many applications I use are written with PHP, Jquery and Mysql. I know very basic Mysql but nothing too in-depth. I just can't seem to find the time to crack open one of the books I bought and intended to read. Time just doesn't permit me to doing so, at least not at this point in my life. I'm familiar the following programming languages with Assembly (NASM Syntax), Perl, and C/C++. I'm good with VB/VB .NET and Delphi. As for Markup... I'm okay with HTML, but not so good with CSS. I'm also familiar with MySQL databases. I used to be quite comfortable with Visual Basic, I was intermediate with C, but never really pushed ahead to get full compentant. I have never even attempted assembly. I dabbled in Pearl also, but never used it apart from learning. I can do HTML/CSS but that is more scripting.
  2. Out of all the browsers their are, the one I prefer is Firefox because the ease of use is brilliant and the amounts of addons their are make it unbelievable. Their are themes, add-ons, extensions, and is very easy to integrate other software's. I have my FTP program in Firefox so I don't need to use a separate program for the FTP. I have an ad blocker which makes it more exciting to browse the internet easily. Also Firefox is a heavyweight browser, with incredible stability and a massive index of user made add-ons which make it very customizable including, hundreds of sleek CSS readers and an easy to use browser proxy setting. Only if you feel the need to protect the privacy of your browsing. Although, Google Chrome is another browser I prefer even though Firefox is my most preferred. Google chrome offers the most benefits out of all the browsers I have tried before. Not only is Google Chrome is easy to access and customize, but it also manages to make surfing the internet much faster. The best feature about Google Chrome that I enjoy is that if I type anything in the URL bar, it redirects me to Google search of what I typed. Google chrome is a lightweight browser, and the add-on feature haven't had time to evolve into the massive index Firefox posses. Firefox is my most preferable and recommended browser to use of the features it posses. Google Chrome is also another browser I also recommend if you don't prefer Firefox. What is your preferred browser? Why?
  3. I would opt for YouTube because Vimeo videos take forever to load on my computer, and I know there are people with far worse connections than me! And most people don't even know about Vimeo... they may have come across it once or twice, but I don't think as many people head over to Vimeo to search for something. The community behind YouTube is what makes it the most appealing, as Talk Tech News said. The only thing I seriously dislike about YouTube is its heavy censorship of videos containing any copyrighted material, although Vimeo is quite guilty of this as well. It's the 3rd most popular site on the internet so it makes sense to use it in your marketing efforts. But when I use video marketing, I publish my videos on top video sites to get maximum exposure and traffic. I use tubeMogul to publish my videos on multiple sites. I've uploaded some videos from my travels in NYC last yaer and chose Youtube for this. I do like watching videos on Vimeo too, but I don't have an account there and haven't tried to upload anything just yet. My Youtube account is anyway connected to all my other google services, so it was easy to work with. not to mention my camcorder software 'knows' how to automatically upload what I want to my Youtube account, so less work for me. The good and bad thing with youtube is the constant change. Once I find my way on the site they seem to do a overhaul and they keep getting more and more extreme.
  4. Of the two networks Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is more intutive for me. Although recently i have given twitter a second chance. One thing that it does more effectively than Facebook is permit users to place their fingers on the pulse of the new community. When i started giving twitter a try it took me a while to figure it out. The more followers you have the more effctive your tweets. If you have a few followers, those are the only people that will see your tweets. If you're fortunate enough to have more than 200,000 followers than your tweets get out to those people. Also both social networks are extremely valuable marketing tools if you have an online and offline buisness. You can't beat free advertising. There's no sense, especially if your an entrepreneur, in fighting the humongous machines that facebook and twitter have become. Both can do wonders for your buisness and there is no associated cost. I am more of a Twitter user now than i am on Facebook. With all the updates to Facebook it's so hard to keep and i have noticed that less and less of my friends are posting on their as well. The simplicity of twitter is what captivated the world, and you also get more of a "close feeling" to whomever you follow. I can honesty say that without twitter, i would not have an extensive connection with the list that i have now.
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