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  1. I want to make a forum for my Call of Duty Xbox clan. I have barely any experience with making forums. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well I would just want to create simple games like Pacman. Something easy to make and pass the time with. Or a game along the lines of Pokemon.
  3. This site is doing extremely well with the rating. I think 18k in the United Kingdom should be an honour. Even 35k in the United states is good.
  4. I want Borderlands to have a sequel. Oh wait they are! I liked playing Borderlands on Xbox even though in multiplayer everybody has modded items. I still enjoy playing Borderlands and can't wait for the sequel.
  5. Xbox 360 is much better for socializing and competitive gaming. PS3 is more for just relaxing and playing alone. I use my Xbox more often than my PS3 as I don't have any games that my other friends have for PS3 and you are unable to talk with them.
  6. I don't think that's the Official poster. As the date wouldn't be May 2nd 2012. I have heard rumors that they will release a trailer on that day though. The release date, I'm guessing will be somewhere between November 1st- November 20th.
  7. Step 1. Make a Fresh Youtube Account Step 2. Create a few Unique videos (i just use text), DO NOT add Music or use copyrighted content. Step 3. Send Views And likes to your videos Vagex is the best Step 4. in 2-3 weeks you will get an email from Youtube to Monetize Your whole channel Not just one video ! Step 5. Profit??
  8. I would personally choose 1. I don't like typing out the whole word so it would make it easier for others.
  9. I use youtube all the time. I haven't even heard of vimeo. Youtube has a nice layout that is easy to use.
  10. That is the computer I want. My computer is about half as good as that.
  11. I would want to learn C++. Or any programming language that I could make games in. I'm interested in learning but don't have the time to learn C++.
  12. Very nice tutorial, very useful. I have been having trouble with PHP but this makes it seem pretty simple. Even to me.
  13. Hi my name is Goku I have been trying to learn how to code but have not found a good guide. I have coded some stuff but nothing advanced.
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