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  1. You may not pay them financially; but do you reward them with anything? Special extras perhaps? I know most have there staff groups set up much like there subscription permissions.
  2. Since I spend most of my time surfing using my iPhone or iPad I dislike Flash for the obvious reason that it won't work on these devices.
  3. I pay normally on a 3-6 month basis. As cheap as monthly might be I have to force myself to get into a project and give it time to prospect into a fully grown project. Yearly is a little bit to much as a whole year? But paying the $20-30 for a few months gives me faith that it might pick up.
  4. So guys what are you listening to right now. I don't care what it is because there isn't any judgement here. That's what I'm listening to. How about you?
  5. Thomas

    $3 Must Sell

    Sums it up. I shall lock this.
  6. I love watching it! Great work Nathan.
  7. I have never been more jealous of you Nathan!
  8. Thomas

    Basic PHP Guide

    I feel like a Thomas spam attack coming on!
  9. VPS's and most of the web seem to be running on Linux servers but I've never been comfortable enough to buy one because I simply don't know how to use them. Command lines? Linux? It makes my head hurt. How did you guys learn to use these programs? Was it through sheer trial and error? Documents? Books?
  10. As long as the version are okay I would assume it would be okay. Personally I'd say copy the structure of the website onto a sub domaine, duplicate the whole database, then simply drag and drop the files using FTP onto the copy and see if there are any issues while surfing around... that would be the simplest.
  11. I think should start running it that you should bat us stuff as well. Not me, but Nathan.
  12. Gameing on a Mac is... difficult to say the least. There is always the choice to use boot camp to run windows on your Mac but that doesn't really solve the problem. It's not that Macs aren't designed to game (it's not there main focus but it's not something they miss). Most Macs have very high performance. It's more that game developers would rather reach the greatest target audience which is Windows computer.
  13. The isn't a trail version however you are allowed to run as many boards as you like for development purposes that are not open to the general public. This means you can especially copy the software and database onto a new sub domaine and play till your hearts content. I beleive that the license must be From vBulletin: Source: http://www.vbulletin.com/license-agreement/ In reality though as long as the board is only accessible by the staff vBulletin aren't going to send in the troops. Even more so if there no trace of the sub domain. You will need a vBulletin lisence to download
  14. Welcome to the forum!! I still remember doing a C++ little RPG game. It was so terrible however it was good fun anyway.
  15. They are all over the UK. TV, Raido and even posters in the railway system.
  16. Thomas


    Welcome to the board Noles! Nice to meet ya.
  17. Wow! You really do work quickly! Let us know of any updates!
  18. Have you managed to find a problem that sets up the server and manages it for you? Or is it all done manually? Also are you now verified to sell these products?
  19. It might be because you have something stored in the cache of Chrome. Try doing a reset and trying it out!
  20. I like to think that a domain should be short enough to remember what it is, but long enough to be unique enough to remember. I think overall there isn't a max or min length that we should be looking into but there is such thing as too long unless there is a reason: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/
  21. This sounds like a power cable issue. CHiLL would be the best to answer this as he is part of IT Support but I shall try my hardest to help you. It sounds like the power cable/battery is the issue and the laptop itself isn't the problem. Does the battery charge at all? The battery itself might have been drained by overcharging it. This happens when laptops are plugged into the power connection constantly and can lead the battery to keep being charged and getting weaker and weaker. Has the power connection been broken? Laptops are famous for having very stupid connections that can bre
  22. My latest investment into tech has been my iPad Mini and I've actually started using it more then my laptop. For the bigger things such as projects I still use my main computer mainly but my iPad is now used for all those little things such as notes, surfing, revising, quick googleing. I love it!
  23. Welcome Sam! Nice to meet you. A web design course? What parts are they focusing on?
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