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  1. well i play around with a few methods so i just thought i would post one of them to give people some ideas on how to make a little money. if i have more time later i might post more that might help the people arouind this forum.
  2. Ok so I have been doing Facebook PPC for around 2 years and over that time I have learnt a lot of things, some tricks and some mistakes that can easily be avoided. I will be adding to this post over the next few weeks describing all the methods I use and how I make a living from them! So enjoy! What Is Facebook PPC? For beginners, Facebook PPC is those ads to the right of the Facebook website. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, where we pay a set amount for each person that clicks on our ads. You will probably hear CPM being said as well, this means we are paying per thousand impressions
  3. here’s the step by step method that makes me around 400$/month of adsense revenue. I spend 2 hours writing, if something is missing I’ll add it later… it's my longgest post on BHW What u’ll need: -Adsense account -Blogspot blog -Time to dedicate to the page at the start -A host where to install the script The harder is the beginning, I spent around a month building a Fan page about “Bikini girls”(Around 3hrs work/day) , I published daily around 3 to 10 hot pictures, every time someone click on like or comment all his contacts see the page and join it, in about 1 month I reached aro
  4. Basic SEO practices for newbies: The thing to remember is that SEO isn't a magic bullet. It's important, but no one knows the exact algorithms the SEs use, and each one is different so all you can do is optimize the best you can. There happens to be a few things that you should just always do whenever you make a new website. Don't stress over every little thing, just make sure you are doing it, this should just become kind of automatic for you. Make sure you fill in your meta tags with a good title, description, and the right keywords. I personally don't think the keywords meta-tag is
  5. his is a simple guide, so I won’t go into very much details (ie method how to make $100/day with Adsense). I am not associated nor affiliate with any of the sites mentioned in this thread. Registering a Domain Your domain plays a very important role in SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. When registering a domain, there are few stuff you have to consider. -The shorter the domain, the better. -Your domain must contain your main keyword(s). -I highly recommend a .com or a .net because of SEO. -Make the domain easy to remember. A domain like howtomakemoneyonline.com is way too l
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