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  1. That's interesting to know. I wonder if Verizon does this. If so, I may hop on that train.
  2. Basically from the demo they had a few months ago to now, I'm not feeling Windows 8 at all. I have Windows 7 64 bit and I can run a lot of games on here. I had XP for six years, because I used Vista on my dad's laptop and hated the hell out of that thing. I know more than likely I'll be keeping 7 for awhile, but just wanted to let you know you should upgrade to the 64 Bit I love it and when you look back on XP, you're gonna see how outdated it looks compared to 7 - and they're both splendid OS's.
  3. I've used Elance. I was invited to a lot of jobs but they were pretty low-balling when it came to the wages. I use oDesk the most with success. I'm a very picky person in general so the work I do must match the pay amount. If I feel like I'm "slaving for wages", I immediately look for something else. Be careful, because even when awarded a job, some of the clients will still try to low ball you in making you do more work then you intended.
  4. Haha I do like the jokes and humor trolls. I mean face it, we all need a laugh here and there at times. I even like the trolling like what jmsben12 had posted about the Vietnam Vet and the Marine hahaha. I do hate like the trolls that you'll find within the comment section of almost every YouTube video.
  5. I love MalwareBytes and can't see myself without ever using it again. It's definitely helped get rid of things that even my antivirus at the time couldn't get rid of. I believe it was AVG at the time that I had used. Now I'm with Avast! and I use it in conjunction with MalwareBytes.
  6. Amdac is right on the money with everything. I just wanted to add in the fact that if you decide to have some moderators, make sure you fully trust the people. Reason being is that you don't want anyone banning you from your own forum and then taking over. You wouldn't imagine how many times this has happened in the past and it still to this day continues to happen. A great Google search will help you in getting comfortable with everything as there are tons of sites with articles catered towards setting up and managing your own forum.
  7. I've tried a few free alternatives to Dreamweaver such as NVU, KompoZer, and Aptana Studio, and I found Dreamweaver to still be the best. If I had to choose between the three, Aptana Studio most definitely. Here are the list of the alternative sites: 1. NVU - http://www.net2.com/nvu/ 2. KompoZer - http://kompozer.net/ 3. Aptana Studio - http://www.aptana.com/products/studio3
  8. How much time have you devoted in getting the word out about your video? Also, is it something crazy cool that someone is going to find interesting? Not saying you have boring content, but I'd like to take a look at the video to see where exactly you can improve at in order to get more views.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's what Godric mean, and at the same time, it just doesn't mean a thing to continue even wondering about. Just like keywords are starting to become faded out if they haven't already because of the changes Google is making.
  10. Never heard of it, but it seems like it'd be an interesting thing to have in modern times. Too bad the company doesn't exist anymore. Just imagine the vast number of programs we could have today that's built on it alone.
  11. Don't know if you (OP) already have someone else by now, but HostDuplex is a pretty good company. I know I'll be going back to them as soon as I figure out which plan I want and how I want to build up my sites.
  12. I stay on Facebook because my friends and family are on it, but I actually prefer Google+ because well it's "different" in the aspect that you use different methods to talk to people and of course the Hangouts on there.
  13. But isn't Google looking to kill PageRank because of people manipulating it as it is. I remember reading some article where they were like just forget about pagerank because they're gonna eliminate it soon and it won't even be a factor.
  14. This is a pretty good move on YouTube's part. I don't make vids so it wouldn't really effect me, but I know others who would enjoy this. Gonna share it with my friends.
  15. As I previously stated, I don't like trolls b/c I know it'd piss me off...but some of the Wikipedia trolls that I've seen in the past are quite genius lmao.
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