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  1. I think this culture we're seeing of people using Macs is just a fad. Wiindows computers are always going to be the industry leader, at least for the coming years. They're easier to use, and generally they're very secure if you're not stupid and don't download stupid amounts of crap. Macs were labelled as "impenetrable", something which anyone with any amount of moderate computer knowledge would know is completely false - nothing at all in the world is impentrable in terms of software, and I mean nothing.
  2. Buying traffic is something you should consider sparingly, in my opinion. Purely because, frequently, the quality of the traffic is poor, and it will frequently do more harm than good to your site. I'm sure that Nathan's source is quality and sustainable traffic, however, many sources won't be and many resources will overcharge you for poor quality traffic from countries that are known for botted visitors and will do nothing to help your site at all.
  3. Grumpy

    HTML 5

    Definitely going to be the future of the web, without a doubt. I haven't began the process of switching over yet but it's near the top on my priority list purely because I've seen what's possible with it and I'm amazed. I can't wait to free up some spare time to start researching more and learning and playing with the code. I have no doubt that in two years it'll be the commonly used language of internet programming and it will stay that way for many years much as the current generation of programmers have grown to love HTML.
  4. Do you find that exchanging links with sites of a similar nature to your own has helped or hindered your site? If you haven't done it yet, would you consider it, or not? Why? I can see the viewpoint of both sides in this one. Some would say no because they don't want to provide the competition with extra traffic or have the competition steal their traffic, some would say yes because they'd say it can't be harmful ensuring that people have access to all versions of a resource... But what are your own personal views, and if you've done this yourself, was it a success?
  5. A lot of great and large forums are based off of a virtual economy. A prime example of this is Gaia Online, the largest forum in the world. Of course, it's integrated with a whole game and various other features, but it's still a forum which offers coins as a reward for posting there, which can be used in the game. A little different from forums that use modifications to add points systems but it works in the same concept, and Gaia Online makes millions of dollars every single year, so it's been successful.
  6. Whenever I create a new website I do try my best to spend as much time as possible building links and advertising the site as much as possible. A new launch of a website can be successful 100% of the time if you know how to advertise well and you have the patience to advertise and ensure that you're placing your time in the correct places. As long as you're promoting your site and building links in the right places and you're consistent with the time you're putting into doing that, you have a massive chance of being successful.
  7. I do find personally that honeypots work best for preventing spam from an automated form-filling contact page. As a previous poster stated, bots generally aren't programmed to work through honeypots and they generally do tend to fill in the first sets of fields they find so honeypots can definitely work really well to stop spam from bots & automated programs. Stopping spam from humans, however, is a completely different thing... if a human really wants to spam you, they will do it and they will bypass any restrictions you place. The only thing to do is add IP blocks and continue to add the
  8. I've never received any such message and I own pages with more likes than your own, although still not a hefty amount. I have around 16,000 likes on my largest page and I've never had a message anything like that one. It's a shame though. If you did participate in any like-buying or exchanging then that's likely to be the cause of the message, but if you didn't you definitely shouldn't be penalized in this way. If that happens again in the future, you should consider ringing Facebook and lodging an appeal over the phone with them. Maybe then they will begin to take you a little more seriously.
  9. Grumpy

    SMF SMF anyone?

    SMF is a good forum software, but it's one that is rarely used and not really marketed. When the words "free forum software" are used, the first two forum softwares that I think of are MyBB and phpBB. In my view, they're the most established forum softwares available, they have relatively active and dedicated support & development teams, and they have a lot of modifications and plugins available to change & add things to the way the software itself works. SMF is a decent software but it just can't compete with the likes of MyBB because it's not "well-known" enough.
  10. I've used it before but it was a long time ago, when I very first discovered that it's easy to make your own websites for free and stuff. We're talking probably 4 years ago was when I first used it. Now I wouldn't dream of using a free service. I'd much rather spend a few pennies per day and use some proper, manageable hosting and a proper domain name, the benefits of doing so are just so great.
  11. Wow, amazing replies everyone! It's good to know that it is relatively easy to learn if you're willing to put the time into developing your skills. I've always been a little bit more code-orientated but I'd love to be a database expert one day, so maybe it'll be possibly if I can find some time to work on learning a bit about how databases work. I know basics but I'd need to learn a lot more before I felt comfortable.
  12. I don't get why people continue to upgrade to these new tablets every few months they come out. Maybe if the consumers stood up and were counted and you all refused to buy everything new they put out every 2 months, they wouldn't continually think they can extort customers into buying their pretty much the same products and just sticking one new feature on it to warrant the new hefty price tag.
  13. When I market with my Facebook fan pages, I've found that the best times to post are around 2am BST my time. It requires me to stay up into the early hours of the morning, but it's definitely worth staying up for... I mean, the results I get when posting at roughly that time compared to in the daytime for me, it's astonishing the difference.
  14. I know others have said it too, but PostLoop is definitely your best bet. Let me try to describe it in slightly more detail for you so as to help you out. The most cost effective package at PostLoop is 2,500 points. Considering the average points given per post made is around 1.57 at the moment, out of 2,500 points, you should get around 1,600 posts. This works out that you're paying around 14 cents a post, however, when you also add the points you'll be receiving from giving all of your new users ratings and possibly occasionally you gaining extra points when deleting some content, it's l
  15. No doubt I'd use Times New Roman for anything. I don't use alternative fonts for anything on my forums or websites, in actual fact I find them massively annoying and I just hate seeing others use different fonts. There's no need for it when by default the font used is readable and very easy to read at that.
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