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  1. I started working on databases a few years ago, me and my friend had a site and he wanted to close it down, but I wanted to keep it, so he quit, I was sort of forced to manage the database, as that was his job before, and I ended up scraping the whole database and rewriting it.
  2. Wow, that looks pretty interesting for a 2D game, I'm definitely going to try it out, I might play it, thanks for the link!
  3. Now that the old CEO is dead, the quality of the products made by Apple, it's like when Bill Gates stepped down from CEO as Microsoft, but of course on a much worse scale.
  4. So is it a 2D interface or is it 3D? Also, can I have a link please? I can't seem to find it.
  5. Hashtags on Facebook - Grr, it's just unnecessary and it's not even supposed to be there! Facebook is not Twitter, Facebook is personal, like a personal friendship between a group of people, Twitter is a community that everyone sees and contributes to.
  6. Woops, Now I feel stupid You mentioned you sold it as well as giving it away on Amazon?
  7. If you are one of them people who spend a lot of time social networking, then that can boost up your website/forum, for example, Facebook, gaming communities, (On-line Games, Steam, Origin...,) that's how I promote most of my websites anyway.
  8. Facebook games? Urgh, I stop playing them after a week, and I haven't played them for at least two years. But after reading this, I'm interested....
  9. I started learning C++ when I was 9 (Don't get me started.) and I'm pretty good at it, as well as some other languages. But C++ will always be my first language.
  10. Exactly, just use something completely random and long, the odds of getting 15 letter password is extremely unlikely.
  11. Pay-as-you-go has usually worked out in the past for me, I've earned more then monthly services anyway, If you have quite good offers for premium, I'd say around $0.50-$1/day or $7 a month.
  12. Hmm, users could just sign out to post an Anonymous post, or does it literately have to be a Anonymous post by a user for administration or other purposes?
  13. Nope, I usually encrypt data like passwords, as well as very long passwords - not even my mother could guess them. it's just a matter of security, I have had a few attempts of hacking into my admin panel before. I return the favour to their IP addresses.
  14. Very good way of earning quite a bit of pocket money! Love it, I'll try to find some time to get this set up for myself, I could certainly use £300 a month!
  15. Wow, I've actually earned money from this, which is surprising for a site online, earned around $20, (well, 16,) and it's working out pretty well for me, definitely recommend this to everyone with... a talent!
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