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  1. I am not a big coder or a gamer either so I only made one game a while ago. It was something like a classic. Not sure anyone played the "Worlds hardest game", but I made something related to that.
  2. Anyone made any games before? I coded a game using Java before and it was a pretty great game. I will share it when I find it. Did anyone else make a game before? If so what? Mine was a kinda like a maze game combined with the "worlds hardest game". I am planning on starting a game for mobile soon. But I still have some work to do before I can do that.
  3. I agree. I only use Paypal and it is a pain just using paypal because of the accounts becoming limited everytime. It is really annoying at times. I usually just stick with credit card and Paypal (When it is working)
  4. It doesn't even have to be Microsoft that ruins google. The Web browsers can already do that with the ad block apps. I had them on Firefox and I am currently using them on Chrome. I have no more ads anywhere including Google and Gmail.
  5. I don't really do it. I mean I might do it sometimes if I am really bored but that might come maybe once a month or something. But it really annoys me sometimes when people do it. Specially on facebook when it comes to picture comments.
  6. ' I totally agree. I would go for an android tablet too. I just seem better stuff with it. The android tablet I would by would probably be the Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Depending on what you want to do with it. Research some Lenovo tablets cause they have great ones.
  7. No not at all! I hate it and will never use it again. Another host that is big that I find good is HostPapa, it is a Canadian host which is pretty good but a little bit expensive. I currently use TrendyHost and I find it to be the best for my hosting needs. And very cheap too.
  8. Oh sorry I thought the word was blocked, didn't really understand what you meant. Anyways I would rather go with one. It is easier with only letters than to mix numbers into it.
  9. HAHA looks great. I can only imagine those times. Windows was the best thing invented since the airplane or something.
  10. They are all over youtube on how to jailbreak. Just remember to use the untether versions. Just google it or search on youtube and you will find many great ones.
  11. Seems really interesting. I always wanted to download and try the preview thing. I might do that in my spare time. I am just afraid that I might mess something on my computer while trying it.
  12. Yup I did. I checked basically everyday. But my site was closed for about a month due to problems with the site and upgrades. After I brought the site back up, my ranking went from 400,000 to over 1 million. But I am happy my PR of 2 did not drop to 1 or 0.
  13. That is pretty clever. But yes everyday when someone wants to search something they just say I will google it. But the correct term should be I will search it on Google. Even though Google is not only a search engine. Everyone knows when I say I will google something that I am referring to the search engine.
  14. Want to increase my learning in Java, HTML, PHP In the future I want to learn VB and C++
  15. No not really. Basically a programming language to help you get started. The most you could do with it would be to make a simple game like PacMan. But I remember the thing was full of bugs. But it is really old and there hasn't been an update for it in around 25 years or so.
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