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  1. It seems that some users mostly post in this Sub Forum to boost their post counts. It's clearly the sub forum with the most threads and posts. I don't see the point in registering to a Forum only to stay within the 'General' forum, when you have no experience with actual developing. Its a cheap way for people to boost the amount of posts they have, why I don't know...It is like the amount of posts is the factor which decides your status or rank. That's what matters to people; not doing things relevant to developing. Do you feel the same way about this?
  2. Gimp is probably the best Photoshop alternative, if that's what you're looking for. I'm not using Linux but I'm sure it is compatible with the OS. After all, it is open source, if I remember correctly.
  3. Honestly, I've never played Doom in my entire life. Is it fun now, compared to the new modern games?
  4. I wish they would continue with Half Life 2 Episode 3. They probably will release it eventually, but still...You never know. I don't know about Counter Strike though. That is not the kind of game that needs to have a sequel. It is good as it is. Try Global Offensive.
  5. Don't do it. He is obviously a scammer. Why would you even offer $50 for a domain worth $3? I would try to find another suitable domain. Just ignore him.
  6. Haha this was quite interesting. I expected faster, realized it is as fast as I can go. Here are my results: Visit the Typing Test and try! Words per minute (WPM) 74 Keystrokes 388 Correct words 69 Wrong words 2 You reached 369 Points so you achieved position 6269 of 58765 on the ranking list (last 24 hours)
  7. Hello fellow Forumers. I want some honest opinions about this phone, not the (S) version. Either way I'm getting the phone today or Wednesday (GTM +1). I'm extremely excited and in hope that it will be better than the iPhone...iPhone 3g at least. I'm pretty sure I will like it a lot more than the iPhone as I have always thought Sony Ericsson creates good products, as iPhone rarely gets new features. What do you think?
  8. Creating a poll for a question like this is just silly. Its not a matter of opinion. Phones have been proven to be dangerous if constantly kept close to your body. Especially if you sleep near them.
  9. This is a tough one as I hate both of them. if it was my choice I would go with the iPad. Mainly because I've never had one and I currently hate my slow school laptop. But as Crumblepie says, they are two different products, you cant exactly compare them with each other.
  10. How come you're getting an iPad. I mean, they are very good for teachers and professors but otherwise...Not as useful. If you already have an iPhone I see no point in getting an iPad. But, if you're getting one of the two I would say: Go with iPad 2. The new iPad has a better resolution and the screen is slightly clearer, you can barely notice it. It depends on your preferences, its up to you.
  11. Wow, it is not bad at all. I think the colors are to strong though. Lower the contrast. It is important to have smooth colors on forums that are easy for your eyes. This forum for example, the colors are perfect, you have the option to change it. None of the colors are to bright. I don't know a lot of forums but I will have to say this forum is the best looking, especially the banner and colors.
  12. You'll have to be more specific. Are you looking for in-ear headphones or on-ear/over-ear? Also do you prefer bass over clarity? I know that Sony produces a lot of good headphones and earbuds, whatever you want to call them. I would never go with Beats by Dre. They are way to overpriced and not even that good. People only use them because they are popular, they follow trends. I would go with Sony's products.
  13. Hah, you're right. Imagine if Bing became more popular and people saying "I'll Bing it". I won't be surprised if they bring in the word 'Bing'it'
  14. Could you please be more specific? All I see is ***** What is the keyword and what will be theme of the site, also the sites purpose? These informations will help you come up with a proper and relevant name.
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