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  1. I still prefer vB 3.x .... it just seems to load faster on older computers. The newer versions get my laptop's fans spinning faster and that's the biggest reason why I have not upgraded.

  2. ChuckTesta, could I have the minimum offer you have in mind for 1) the website without the vb license and 2) database dump that is only to be sold once? You could PM me if you prefer.



  3. I know this method sometimes works, but most of the time it doesn't. Because the two forums merged together just don't 'look' quite right, you can find a lot of unrelated topics. And those who are inexperienced with databases (like me) could have a lot of trouble doing it right. It's always best to start from the ground up IMO.

  4. For one of my forums, I got moderators right from the start but it was no use, because I couldn't get new members on time and the moderators eventually lost interest as there was no activity on the forum. I have another forum that I am managing myself, and it's hard work having to moderate all the threads myself. The only reason I don't want to have moderators on this one is because the spammers have created some threads that a LOT of people have replied to, and if the moderator deletes that member's threads, all those posts will be lost. So I can't risk it - but I could definitely use the help!

  5. I've found that one of the worst things you can do is copy/paste when trying to teach yourself. Even if you are just recite-typing the code from a website or book point-blank you are still getting the feel for it. You won't ever get that kind of pickup by just using CTRL+C/CTRL+V.


    The only thing worse than that is not typing the code from the book at all. I do that and can't remember what I read most of the time. Reading it all over again is not fun. Bah!

  6. I have no issues playing games offline with Steam.


    Eh? An error from my side then.


    Because I couldn't play when I lost my internet connection, I thought they don't let you play offline.


    This might be a little bit off-topic, but has anyone tried to cheat the prices on Steam? Like me for example have to purchase the games in Euro. While people in the US may purchase the games with USD. So a game that costs 40 euro for me, also costs 40 USD for the US people. This means that the game is more expensive for me, which sucks to be honest. If I start Steam via a US proxy, the game prices are shown in USD. Is it safe to purchase the games this way?


    I don't find them pricey because the majority of the games I buy, I buy during sales, and the few that are brand new, I don't mind paying for because they're pretty much the same price in stores and more often than not they have titles I can't find in my local stores.

  7. I have the least problems with the .png extension so whether it takes more space or not, it's my preferred extension.

    My least preferred, on the other hand, is .gif. I've had so much trouble trying to convert it to other extensions without color loss - it's not worth the time nor the headache. I think people will start using that extension less and less. PNG is the way to go!

  8. It may not seem fair at first, but when you consider the fact that domainers spend hundreds of dollars renewing hundreds of domains each year, and they sell only a few of them in their portfolio within a year, it is expected that they would ask that much. How else would domaining be profitable? I normally only ask for a grand if the domain name is one that I know a lot of people will want. I get offers for those domains even when they're not listed for sale. It is pretty irrelevant how much they purchased the domain for - your only choices now are to either negotiate or opt for an alternative. Also think about what would happen if you no longer needed the domain and are going to sell it? How much do you think it would sell for? It will give you an idea of the worst case situation. Or perhaps the domain is indeed worth $1000 and you will lose nothing by using it for a couple of years before deciding to sell it off to get your $1000 back.

  9. I would say before committing to a particular forum software, try them out and test them. You will get a different view from each person you ask, and everyone will have their own bias.


    Use the software that works for you. But ultimately the software are really secondary issue when it comes to forums. Starting a community, building it, maintaining it are far far more important in my view. That is the real challenge and it should be the central focus.


    That's good advice. And I want to add that the best way to find out if a forum software is going to work for you is to check out the admin panel. Every person has their own idea of organization, and I find vBulletin's admin panel works the best for me.

  10. Well it depends on what you're going to be using the visuals for. If it is something that needs to be changed frequently I'd say go with CSS. Images take longer to edit.

  11. Yeah, that's what I mean!!! Ever since they introduced this timeline loading times have been crazy! The first change I hated was how they removed the apps from the profiles, and now this. Change isn't always a good thing. I know it's inevitable, as a company has to make changes to grow, but I don't understand why they have to change THIS much! Has anyone tried developing apps for them? They keep making you update your codes.. it's ridiculous! Arrrrgh! *Had a bad day* *Excuse for being a whiner*

  12. Personally I love the new timeline as it allows me to keep a tract of what I was like in previous years. For example going back and seeing how stupid some of my status were when I was a tad younger:


    Hahaha I feel the same way everytime I go back and read something I've written 10 years ago. 10 years from now, I'll probably be reading this and thinking of how childish I sound :P It's not stupid, it's completely normal and expected. It shows you've grown :)

  13. Custom skins can be bought for as low as $200. You don't always have to spend large amounts to get something good. Coming to the question about updates, they're not provided for custom themes, but the ones that are sold to multiple people will almost always be updated and you will either get them for free or pay for them depending on which site you bought them from. Sultanthemes.com is cheap :)

  14. Always start with something smaller than you think you can handle: it's almost guaranteed not to be small at all!


    Tell me about it! Reminds me of a time when I had a stupid div closure code that was missing and it messed up the whole page! Took me 2 days to find out what was wrong. Bah!


    So.... let's make that 20 minutes and counting, shall we! :whistle:

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