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  1. Hahah that's when it's time to make an offer he can't say no to. That should 'motivate' him
  2. Why, is it US only? And roughly how many views would you need to make, say $100?
  3. As a buyer, which encourages you to buy a domain more, make offer or fixed price? Speak only from personal buying experiences please. Please delete this topic and the other - I was getting database errors and refreshing the page caused the same thread to be opened multiple times. I'm sorry!
  4. In my opinion, they are the biggest name in the domain name business, not the web hosting business. Names like Hostgator, HostMonster, and BlueHost come to mind when I think of cheap places to host. I was kind of taken aback by the comment that everyone else should throw in the towel. You'll find a lot of people who don't agree. There will always be an abundant number of web hosting companies around because everyone's needs and every company's support system differ. It's not a one-fits-all kind of business.
  5. Erm, maybe Plimus, though that's not exactly a payment method.. but you can sell products through it and they have many withdrawal options to choose from. Oh, and the good thing is they offer Paypal to YOUR customers even if you don't have Paypal yourself. Best of both worlds Hope this helps someone!
  6. Hello Grumpy Grumpster! What's the background picture on your avatar? Looks like a spaceship?
  7. Don't worry so much about the copycats... think of all the Flippa copies out there, none of them can replace the real thing. They don't have the substance that your forum has I love the current theme but curious to find out what the new design is going to be like.....
  8. Erm, neither one sounds like a good option to me. Do you really need to add the number one? Remember how facebook was first called thefacebook and later shortened? Keep it simple. Or try variations such as "a" or "single" or even "sole".
  9. I have that encyclopedia too! You've brought back a lot of memories! I still have it somewhere. What Mindmaze game??? Is that on the encyclopedia CD? My comp came pre-installed with Corel and some PGA Golf game thingy. I don't recall such a game :s My comp came pre-installed so I don't remember installing it from scratch but you had to get these upgrade CDs from the stores which were really buggy. There was no automatic windows updates back in the times of dial up
  10. From what I understand, you are not going to be monetizing this forum, right? Forums typically take a lot of time and money to setup, upgrade, maintain, moderate and advertise. I would highly recommend you to opt for a free forum at http://www.proboards.com (I have no affiliations with them, I just lurk on a lot of their forums and know what a great system they have). That way, the only thing you have to focus on is advertising, if you even need new clan members in the first place. If not, problem solved
  11. Free is good! Thanks Nathan! Ur the king
  12. It looks really cool! Is this script premium, free or for sale? I don't think this would work well for a css gallery because it doesn't let you link to websites and rank the designs, but I could pick one of my unused domans and develop it with this for a different purpose It's pretty slick. I'm thinking of maybe using a wp plugin instead of searching for a pre-made wp gallery theme... since I can't seem to find a good one
  13. I use faqtastic for wordpress - easy to install and use!
  14. Cool, looking forward to seeing it!
  15. Hmmm there are plenty of similar tools available in the Name.com Labs. I don't use such tools much though... takes the fun away from hunting a domain
  16. crumblepie


    .im often stands for internet marketing, so with turnkey.im you can create a website selling turnkey websites for internet marketers. turnkey.im Expiry Date: June 2012 Registrar: Name.com Accepting offers! Please PM me or post below!
  17. Hahha lots of nice ideas.. I like ChuckTesta's answer the best. Thanks everyone!
  18. I'm on the hunt for a css gallery theme - either paid or free. Know of any good ones??
  19. Suppose you've just launched a new forum with a cool, unique design that you spent lots of money and time on, and then members don't like it. What would you do in such a case?
  20. I'm a big fan of vBulletin and I see this acquisition as a good thing. They are looking for ways to improve, which means the end is nowhere near for vB as some people claim!
  21. I pay for designs and code them myself, though I'm not exactly an expert in coding. I sometimes design logos on my own, but it's more fun to outsource that because the results are always unpredictable. I find it more fun to go with someone else's logo.
  22. I remember applying to buysellads several times and being turned down because I wasn't getting enough traffic. I'm going to give them a final try. Wish me luck!
  23. I think .net will always remain as the next best alternative to .com. I own plenty of .net domains and my developed .nets have always had great success - eg reaching a high PR within just 3 months. I don't see .org as being in the same range.
  24. I'm so glad those days are over! It was a pain to upgrade Windows back then. Stoopid CDs and what not.
  25. I've actually gotten pretty good support from the developers for some of the themes I purchased there. I've never felt the need to contact Envato support though, is that what you all were referring to?
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