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  1. I'm about to find out for myself! I'll be launching a new forum soon that is based on Vanilla. I think the problem with free solutions is that dealing with spam is so much harder. And it doesn't have as many features as other forum platforms.


    But sometimes, something simple is what you want, and it offers exactly that. If you don't need the extra bloat, paid solutions might actually be a disadvantage because they're so complicated!

  2. I personally prefer vBulletin, the main reason being the fact that it has almost every type of product and plugin you could ever need or want. And it might be out of habit, since the majority of the forums I frequent are based on vBulletin.

  3. I have bought a forum and sold it at a loss. I think I paid around $200-300 for it and it was a forum with a TON of threads, some traffic, only some bots and 1 or 2 members logged in at most times. The person that bought the forum from me resold it within months for $600 after making some tweaks. My loss, his gain. But I'm glad to be rid of it anyhow, I couldn't stand the design and I like to start from scratch!

  4. Thanks for explaining it all to me SpikeTheLobster, you're fast becoming my favorite person on this forum! I had no monetization in mind when I posted this thread but I guess that's what it has become. To put my two cents in, I don't see Twitter as a direct way to profit, but as a way of reaching out to your customers and giving them better customer service, which indirectly leads to more profit for you! :P

  5. I do. And honestly, it's what got me into the programming world.


    Developing for the iPhone is probably one of the easiest things i've done! Seriously, if you have an idea, pick up a dev cookbook and go to work! The monetary reward is well worth it. :P


    I'm going to add that to my to-do list! Currently reading up on PHP so it'll be a while... :D Nice to have you here! Welcome!

  6. The one thing iPad excels in is its battery life. If you want to use a gadget for entertainment, you're probably going to be listening to music and watching videos a lot, which drains batteries pretty quickly. iPad was meant to be a supplement to laptops, not a replacement. Each one has its place.

  7. Hahah I was thinking the same thing myself yesterday. Although I like the freedom of being able to post whatever we want (which other forums typically charge you for) it does get a bit distracting. Glad it's being worked on!

  8. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to Twitter and I have a question about retweets.


    I've seen some people retweeting and it quotes the tweet but in front of that they get to add their own message.


    So it looks like this:

    Awesome tweet! RT @crumblepie Just a tweet


    When I press the Retweet link though, it just displays the tweet itself and doesn't let me add a message. So how do they do it? Copy and paste??

  9. I'm a member there as well, and it's definitely a tempting offer. I think it is best to track how many clicks the links in your sig get and it might give you an idea of what to expect. From my personal experience, links actually get more clicks than banners... but I've never tried inserting a banner on a sig so this might be a whole new game.

  10. You're welcome.


    I should point out two things, however:


    1. that my main site is a version behind because I'm loath to update (afraid of losing my theme options that took me frigging HOURS to set up when my WP freelancer bugged out on me at the last minute).


    2. that I only use the basics because I don't have time (*cough* and too lazy *cough*) to learn any new stuff. I have enough on my plate trying to get stuff set up (12 blogs last weekend!) without farting around with some SEO plugin that's 23 pages long and full of crap I don't understand or really need. :D


    LOL everyone of us has some laziness when it comes to this stuff - but if we were content enough with owning just 1 website I think we would be more diligent. It's doing the same thing x 12 that puts us busy bees off :P

  11. Actually you could easily modify a free hosting company theme to suit your needs. You know how hosting companies have several packages on offer? You could simply rename those with "Trial Post Package" "Mega Post Package" "Super Post Package" and set up the prices accordingly.

  12. I like the domain give-away idea. I think it should be given to the member of the week or month instead of best new topic though... that would make it a lot easier to choose a winner. The only way to track best new topics are through polls and I don't think anyone would know which topic to vote for.. but they could easily name someone that has helped or inspired them in the forums.

  13. How many updates were you behind? I have some currently that are not on 3.3.1 just because some plugins are not compatible with them yet.


    It was a blog I'd bought a couple of years ago, maybe in 2008? I don't remember the version but it must have been pretty old.


    I think I am the odd man out here, I usually do not upgrade my Wordpress installations immediately. I remember once my website stopped functioning because a particular plugin was not compatible with the latest version of Wordpress. So I had to revert back to an older version to get it working again which was quite a hassle. So I usually read about the latest Wordpress updates and if necessary test it on a dummy website before upgrading my main websites.


    That is the exact same reason why I was so reluctant to update. I know some sites are super difficult to upgrade because of the massive amount of customizations made to them... but now that we all know what happens to outdated versions, I think we should try to stick to the basics in the future like what SpikeTheLobster is doing. Thanks for the great advice STL! :)

  14. My suggestion would be to opt for OIOPublisher but it's going to cost ya. I use it myself (for ads, not for posts, though it also works for posts) and it works great in every way and the owner gives amazing support through his forum. I feel 100% confident recommending him and his products.

  15. I would opt for YouTube because Vimeo videos take forever to load on my computer, and I know there are people with far worse connections than me! And most people don't even know about Vimeo... they may have come across it once or twice, but I don't think as many people head over to Vimeo to search for something.

  16. I found quite a good response when I ran a competition. You do need quite a lot of followers though.


    That's the problem. So how do you get people to follow you when your Twitter account isn't a personal one but a business account? I am guessing you need to be an accomplished business with a large customer base before Twitter will really start paying off. The ones I am following are companies I regularly buy products from and I am genuinely interested to hear news about how they are improving their business and what discounts they offer. When my hosting company went down for a couple of hours, the only way to get in touch with them was via Twitter, and they kept us updated in realtime. What kind of competition was it Talk Tech News? Did you advertise the competition anywhere else other than Twitter, or did the response come directly from Twitter itself?

  17. I was looking for a simple shopping cart for wordpress that would allow me to add items into my cart and checkout via Paypal. I found a plugin called QuickShop that does exactly that. It used to work really well but it broke when I upgraded wordpress to the latest version.


    Now I'm thinking of using a different shopping cart. Anyone knows of any good alternatives? And can you give me an idea of how simple or complicated it is to set up? I don't need all the fancy stuff, just the basics.

  18. I like vBulletin the best because I am familiar with all the plugins for it and I can always find a plugin for whatever I might need.


    Normally, I don't like to use free software because they tend to get flooded with spam. But I will be building up a new forum built on Vanilla soon so I hope that doesn't hold true for all the free software. The reason I am opting for Vanilla this time is because I want to go back to the basics for this particular forum. I don't need plugins or any other fancy stuff.


    So I guess it really depends on what your needs are and what software can accommodate those needs. My vote goes to VB for this poll! ;)

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