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    crumblepie reacted to Creaky in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    I very rarely use Facebook these days and this just put me off using it even more.
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    crumblepie reacted to SpikeTheLobster in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    Can't stand it. I'm not a big FB user but the timeline has just made all the stuff I wanted to use impossible to find and promoted all the useless crap I wasn't interested in. Now all I can see on my pages is a bunch of spam and ads and stuff. And updating is a nightmare: half the time, it bins what I type and I lose half my entries.
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    crumblepie reacted to __Darknite in Choosing A forum Software   
    I would say before committing to a particular forum software, try them out and test them. You will get a different view from each person you ask, and everyone will have their own bias.
    Use the software that works for you. But ultimately the software are really secondary issue when it comes to forums. Starting a community, building it, maintaining it are far far more important in my view. That is the real challenge and it should be the central focus.
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    crumblepie got a reaction from ChuckTesta in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    Facebook's new timeline doesn't cut it for me - things are all over the place and scrolling up or down makes the page lag because it has to keep loading. Anyone else feel the same?
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    crumblepie reacted to Thomas in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    As a student being able to use Facebook is like being able to text without looking. It's something we simply just have to do.
    Personally I love the new timeline as it allows me to keep a tract of what I was like in previous years. For example going back and seeing how stupid some of my status were when I was a tad younger:
    Please: do not laugh at me for being young!
    However I love how you can keep events in your life on Timeline such as leaving/joining school/college/work/releashionships. It's like an automatic diary of my life.
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    crumblepie reacted to legalize in Make Offer or Fixed Price?   
    I'd make an offer on a fixed price if it's been up for sale for some time
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    crumblepie reacted to CityGirlLuv in Remember these times?   
    Haha I remember my mom bought a computer with Windows 95 on it already. There was that Microsoft Encarta 96 CD that we had that was like a virtual encyclopedia and it had that cool MindMaze game on it. Lol good times!
    I think I still have that CD around here somewhere.
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    crumblepie reacted to ChuckTesta in What to do when people don't like the theme?   
    I agree with Nathan in the fact that it's your site... you've spent money on it. You're members will always voice their opinion and get over it.
    If you've spent a lot of time, energy and money on it... I would def keep it up, But just give them another option to choose from.
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    crumblepie reacted to Amdac in Success with buysellads.com   
    I'm currently running a webmaster forum that's about 2 months old. For the first month I failed horribly at obtaining advertisers. I applied at buysellads.com and once accepted, I had my first advertiser in less than a week. Now roughly a month later, all 3 ad slots are full with more in line waiting once the current campaigns expire.
    I couldn't be more happy with the results and highly recommend them.
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    crumblepie got a reaction from ChuckTesta in Vbulletin acquires forum runner   
    I'm a big fan of vBulletin and I see this acquisition as a good thing. They are looking for ways to improve, which means the end is nowhere near for vB as some people claim!
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    crumblepie reacted to SpikeTheLobster in Question about Twitter   
    Either copy/paste or using a third-party app. I use TweetDeck since it's a million times better than the basic Twitter page - though every time they update it gets heavier, slower and more full of crap, just like all apps. Why won't these people learn that some of us don't want a million special functions... we just want a simple, clean screen...?
    The retweet function on Twitter just puts RT in front of the original text. There's no special code or anything behind the scenes as far as I'm aware.
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    crumblepie reacted to ChuckTesta in Good day to you all   
    I do. And honestly, it's what got me into the programming world.
    Developing for the iPhone is probably one of the easiest things i've done! Seriously, if you have an idea, pick up a dev cookbook and go to work! The monetary reward is well worth it.
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    crumblepie reacted to ChuckTesta in Signatures   
    So i know this may not be my place to suggest things, but i have to say some people with their huge images in their signature is a bit bothersome. For one reason, when on 3g connection and viewing the full site, they take a while to load... especially if that individual has multiple posts within the thread.
    While i'm all for linking to personal pages, they can be somewhat respectful and limit the size of the images.
    Just my .02
    Am i way off base with this?
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    crumblepie got a reaction from bryce12 in Have you faced any issues because you didn't upgrade to the latest version of wordpress?   
    It was a blog I'd bought a couple of years ago, maybe in 2008? I don't remember the version but it must have been pretty old.
    That is the exact same reason why I was so reluctant to update. I know some sites are super difficult to upgrade because of the massive amount of customizations made to them... but now that we all know what happens to outdated versions, I think we should try to stick to the basics in the future like what SpikeTheLobster is doing. Thanks for the great advice STL!
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