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  1. I know how easy it is, my question was if setting up a VPS is comparable.
  2. Freehostia is pretty good for a free webhost. Also, I recommend hostable for shared hosting. It's not particularly high capacity, but it was cheap when I bought in (not sure about now) and fast enough for low volume sites (less than a few hundred daily visitors).
  3. Is this any different to setting up a web server on your local machine? I was wondering if the tutorials of setting up a web server locally would be any relevant.
  4. Forum files are often kept in the database, I believe. Personally I back-up my site either "every-so-often" (monthly, but not exactly.), or whenever I make a big change.
  5. If you have your index backed up, the only risk would be someone accessing your database, which is empty anyway if you're only using the design. So maybe deleting all your WP files wouldn't be worth it.
  6. Which is best to use, a few lines of CSS or a small image? File-size there's not much of a difference, a few kb in most situations, so that's not much of an argument for one or the other. What do you guys think? Honestly, I'm undecided and trying to think of a reason for using CSS instead of a simple image but I'm drawing blanks.
  7. Does your website still have the vulnerabilities WP may have, since the WP is still installed?
  8. BT owns most of the phone lines, not the internet.
  9. 5 hours per week, with 500 sites sounds impossible (mostly because that's 2500 hours). Wouldn't it make more sense to build as many sites as you can manage, then start selling the new sites as you build them? That's just my inexperienced 2 cents anyway.
  10. I usually use MyBB, but most of those forums are beginning to be the same five skins over and over (Like zetaboards ended up, I guess). Anyway, I like how IPB looks and is for the user. I have absolutely 0 experience using it as an admin though judging from this thread, it's pretty good.
  11. I don't think being picky is a good idea, not just for looking natural, but sometimes people flick to the back of the Google search results (I did that in Highschool to get past the blocked sites). It's just as important to get those visitors, especially if it only takes 5 minutes to secure an extra dozen or more visitors.
  12. An update: -Virgin UK has blocked TPB, but the UK pirate party has launched a mirror that bypasses the block (I can't vouch for it working) http://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk/ -Sky (bSkyb) hasn't yet started the block, though I imagine the Murdoch empire has more pressing things to handle right now.
  13. This is pretty exciting. I don't release content myself, but I bet there'll be a lot more people creating awesome content thanks to a slightly higher budget than previously, or an incentive.
  14. With some quick maths, with the full 500 making a minimum of $10 per day, you'll be making $150,000 per 30 day month. That's incredible, especially with the speed of set up involved. How long did it take you, in hours, to set up that website?
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