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  1. How much is worth a domain with a keyword phrase (two words) with 850k searches a month on Google? The .net is available and I'm going to buy it, the .com with expire this month and hopefully I'm going to get it too.
  2. I value .net the same as I value .com Really. It has been said already in this topic and it's true. .net rank as good as .com domains. Most of my domains are .net and they are as good as the .com ones. I think that day by day people are are accepting more .net domain, which didn't happen a few years ago, in my opinion. As for the .org, I'm not a fan. But this is a personal taste.
  3. I used to use name.com, but I moved to namecheap last year. It's so much better, and their control panel is really nice and user friendly. They also update the DNS very fast, which for me is a really good thing. I'm always changing my servers.
  4. YouTube, without any doubt. The community is amazing and there are so many talented people there. I'm not saying that Vimeo doesn't have talented people, but YouTube has more. Also, I prefer their design and tools. The variety is something that is really incredible. Everything that you need you can find on YouTube.
  5. MyBB is my favorite forum software. It's very user friendly for your members and also for yourself, administrator. The themes are easily customizable and there are many plugins available. If you need a custom plugin, there are people that code them for you for a very cheap price. Also, the MyBB Community is amazing, with many people that are going to help you if you have any problem. MyBB is my far the best choice, in my opinion. And it's free.
  6. CSS for the simple reason that I don't have to worry about broken images. Also, it's faster to load and edit. I only use images when I want something more customized and that I couldn't do with CSS.
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