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  1. 3 Gmail 1 Hotmail 2 self hosted emails
  2. I'd probably donate a good $10/month. Cool features would however be appreciated.
  3. I'd like to see a sequel for Mirrors Edge. I'm a huge fan of that game.
  4. Dice has my vote. The Battlefield series are sure worth mentioning. And it is all Swedish!
  5. For pure entertainment I'd go for a Laptop. Sure, tablets are fun, but does not pair up with a Laptop.
  6. I believe everyone has been a troll once in their lifetime. It's pretty much not possible to stay out of that. It'll happen sooner or later.
  7. I'd probably just sit, relax and play Pong. Or just leave the computer and do something else.
  8. Great to see some more programming people. Welcome!
  9. Haha, thank you. Will try that!
  10. Word of mouth. Also, create a couple of hundred flyers and throw them out in the middle of the city. You should get a couple of visits by that only.
  11. A couple of images sure would give the thread life. Good job though.
  12. Yeah I've never seen that one before. That one isn't too bad either.
  13. That's a good idea indeed.
  14. How to.. revenue from a website?
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