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  1. Is it really necessary to make your machine all buffed up for a game like Diablo III? I didn't think it used any crazy amount of resources, it's not like it's Witcher 2. Haven't played D3 yet so I can't speak from experience but the second one didn't take a lot of system resources in its time...
  2. If you're that attached to whatever "flavor" of Linux you're currently running than I would suggest dual-booting when you first install it.
  3. Oh I miss these days. The BFG was awesome simply because the name.. even had it sucked it would still be awesome. Although as far as Doom goes... well... I always thought that Quake was better. Quake II is my favorite FPS of all time.
  4. What are you smoking lol? FPS games are dying? http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ 50% of the most played games on Steam are FPS games. 0% are MMOs like WoW. http://xboxlive.ign.com/articles/121/1216016p1.html 55% of the most played games on XBL are FPS/Driving games
  5. I like Bethesda and Treyarch. But seriously, Infinity Ward!?!? IW sucks! They're awful with supporting their games. I still hate them for MW2. All they needed to do was nerf the noobtubes and they had a great game but they were too lazy to do anything.
  6. Well I know one of the major retailers is doing some deal where you pre-order the game and get a free poster, but I don't think it looks like this.
  7. The price depends on the quality of the content. However, $0.50 seems like a massive rip off. I helped a friend of mine jumpstart his forum with Postloop and it was very successful, the posts weren't all on-topic at first but eventually things got weeded out.
  8. It should be worth the wait. BF3 is supposed to be a much better PC game than console game.. something that isn't true for CoD which is a much better party atmosphere Xbox/PS3 game.
  9. An excellent post with an excellent theme- quality over quantity! I don't know a lot about SEO but I do understand the key points to keep in mind behind it and that is one of them. That and don't spam! I hate it when people think that by spamming it will get people not only interested, but appreciative of their content. It's not going to get you anywhere!
  10. I'm particularly worried that the metro interface will lead to a resource-heavy OS that slows down too much in an attempt to look fancy. Windows Vista 2.0 anyone?
  11. This.. People that jailbroke their PSPs used to have this issue all the time (bricking them by screwing around too much) before they became so damn easy to jailbreak.
  12. Well I was pretty young at the release of Windows 95, however, I used a computer with 95 on it for years... until 2003 actually! It really was a great operating system for its time.
  13. Bookmarking this right now. That's amazing, and I will definitely be using it simply because CSS has always turned me off for this very reason- it's all spread out and not compact!
  14. LOL this made me laugh I few times. I'd have to say that my favorite was either the treadmill or lecture one.
  15. You should do a tutorial on installing Minecraft mods. I've only done it a few times and had to watch a few YouTube videos because each was unclear on a few things.
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