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  1. The last Mac I had was a iMac G3 running 10.2
  2. redinit


    Digg.com is trying to get back nearly 3/4 users they loss to Reddit. Digg.com went completely downhill after consitently screwing up the functionality of the site and not listening to it's users. I once visited Digg daily, now I've moved to Reddit and never looked back.
  3. You're misusing the term hackers. Hackers are people who look at code as well program themselves. Crackers are the mischievous ones you hear about breaking into online databases. If you write code, you are a hacker Your question is simple, a person hired to secure your infrastructure, should know how to break into an infrastructure, otherwise how else is he supposed to "fix" something he doesn't know how it's broken in to? He needs to know all the ins/outs, how a cracker would get in, what methods he would use, etc.. When I secure my servers, I think how a cracker would break in, what meth
  4. redinit

    What is CakePHP

    Say you want to build a car, you could: A.) Buy every part individually, and build it (without CakePHP) OR B.) You could buy a motor, frame, body, and build it with very few loose parts (with CakePHP) In a nutshell, yes
  5. What is this Guild Wars game about?
  6. redinit

    What is CakePHP

    It's a set of classes written in PHP that you would use in PHP applications. It saves you time so you don't have to write code, its already there, such as templating, authentication, DB abstraction, etc..
  7. You don't need any control panel, it's as simple as having your domains DNS pointing to the right place, and configuring your web-server to "host" the multiple sites.
  8. What are the permissions on the socket file and directory?
  9. Than I'm not surprised at the level of service he receives.
  10. That's not at all what I said. Aptitude isn't an advanced version in the traditional sense, it allows you greater control, which is good for installing/maintaining packages, but when you are doing a version upgrade it can become tedious. You can use them both and you shouldn't run into any problems. If you've ever maintained Debian systems over time you'd know what I was talking about.
  11. APT and Aptitude are both frontends to DPKG. I would use APT for major upgrades (ex. 11.10 to 12.04) because it finds a quicker upgrade path for multiple packages and aptitude for basic updates.
  12. dd Yeah, this isn't a problem with Ubuntu though, rather Nvidia.
  13. They should just make you agree to a disclaimer when you sign up for Facebook. You will never have privacy, we need your information to try and monetize.
  14. You talking about Google Penguin? If so this wasn't the first re-write of their PR algorithm.
  15. I just go here to install https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/?platform=linux&hl=en Works on my Fedora and Ubuntu installs
  16. This is another example of security through obfuscation, which doesn't work. Rather than let a legit organization hack it, they'd rather let an anonymous group crack it, in hopes they hide it from the masses.
  17. I built my own PC because it's cheap and easy. And I know what's installed on my Desktop.
  18. I usually only buy games used from Gamestop, and after they have been out for some time so the price has gone down. I don't see the need to jump on the newest game.
  19. No, how do you think people find the sites that link to your site? When you actually get good search engine position, you will notice an increase in visits.
  20. Linux is my main OS, I used to have a Mac, and I always have Windows. I've only ever gotten a virus on Windows, while using an anti-virus/spyware. I try to avoid Windows now.
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