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  1. Today I am feeling rather generous and am giving away multiple eBook for free. As I am a new user here, I thought I'd contribute. The names of the eBooks are as followers. [METHOD] Making $100/Day How to make girls horny How to get girls to show their boobs 99% of the time Niche Site Case Study [METHOD FOR NICHE SITES] Ultimate Guide to FreebieJebbies I don't think it is everyday that you are going to be able to get this offer so get going and post a message here. Do NOT PM me, just leave a message here and I will PM you. If you are satisfied with this service, please vouch
  2. You need to have the X-Factor on your Forum Board that will draw users to your forum. It needs to be something that people are interested in. There is always something that drives users to a certain board. Keep in mind, everyone has a motive.
  3. Honestly, I'm not sure if thats true or not. But guess the only way to know for sure is to use it on my blog and test it out. I will survey the users and give feedback. I've never heard of it before but it sounds great. Whether it is a repost or not, still enjoyed the read and for that I must thank you. Kind Regards JayRSD
  4. Wow the picture of the guy with the floppy is really funny. I enjoyed those pictures. I feel sorry for the next generation that will have no idea what floppy drives are !
  5. 1mb Downloading and 0.5mb upload. Not the greatest , I know.
  6. I probably have over 50. I have forgotten most of them and currently have only one active Gmail account.
  7. Wow. Those stats really make you realise what is happening!
  8. I think the iPad is very nice although it is not very nice to carry around , It can easily crack where as laptops are much harder to crack because of the cover being down when you close the screen!
  9. Cellphones do give out radiation but not enough to have an effect on us. So it really isn't that bad.
  10. Visit the Typing Test and try! Well thats mine
  11. Honestly I don't see how trolling is beneficial to anyone. It is just a general annoyance and nobody gains anything out of it. I would understand if the troll got something out of it , but until that point, the answer is NO.
  12. Blackberry is really coming up with some new innovative ideas! I am liking this and looking forward to seeing what happens in the near future with this new technology!
  13. I used to use dual monitors for music production. It is a lot easier to balance what you are doing if you have two monitors rather than squashing all your work onto one screen. I used a LCD and one CRT which isn't the best but it did the job!
  14. Hi, I am new to DB. I plan to provide my guidance where I can and get as much information from this forum as possible as I see there are a lot of experienced and respectable members. I am glad to become apart of this community and look forward to many friendships and lots of learning! Kind Regards @JayRSD
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