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  1. Thank you, KMRock, I can see it now. Strange, though, why it's put way out there. Would have been more logical to have it under the avatar. You know, like all pertinent details in one place. Maybe Nathan can modify the plugin to show the bank balance under the avatar.
  2. Maybe the main difference between paid moderators and volunteer moderators is that you can fire the paid moderators if they are not doing their work. With the volunteer moderators, they can just walk off the job if there is too much pressure from admin or from the members.
  3. Just found something that absolutely free and very easy to use. Check it out here: http://jottit.com It's just a very simple text site but it works.
  4. Say, how about writing a bit of code to have our bank balance showing under our avatars? It's nice to see the money piling up as we post, even if it's virtual currency. Or is there already a built-in option to do that?
  5. Would it come down to the actual amount to be paid? Let's say it's just 10usd for the whole year's hosting. Would you pay for the whole year then?
  6. Hmmm, is there a command in php which will read the width of the screen automatically?
  7. Just curious. Is the 'left: 50%' the controlling factor for the placing of the footer in the code shown?
  8. Well, that offer was more than 6 months ago and it was an emergency situation. So the emergency must have been resolved already. Anyway haven't seen the OP around for some time so there's no one to ask for the latest developments.
  9. Need some groundfloor information. Currently how many ways are there of earning virtual currency? I suggest that we have a virtual currency trading section where members who need virtual currency in a hurry can offer to buy them from other members for cash. The exchange rate should be left to the market forces. If we have such a virtual currency trading section then those members who are active but haven't found anything they like to buy can still sell their virtual currency for cash. I also suggest making it only WTB so that it will be a sellers market by making the buyers put their offer
  10. That's fast work, Nathan. Now I am going to talk to the rest of my team and see about using your voice server as an audio conferencing device.
  11. Thank you, Danny.Bomb. I think that's a good way to find out. A cloud server is supposed to be scalable on demand in real time. I am on a host using OnApp. Do you know anything about that? It's supposed to be a cloud server but a modified version where changes in resources, although can be done on the spot, are normally done from the start of each billing cycle because the services are paid for in advance, for one month.
  12. Whoa, sounds like a horror story. From what you have just said, every webmaster should take a course in Web Security 101 before getting started. Otherwise they are leaving themselves open to abuse. Right?
  13. I won? That's the best thing to wake up to. Thank you, Nathan. How about the usual cash in lieu? Do you still have my Paypal id? btw when are you starting the virtual currency system? The community is growing now and it's good to keep up with the momentum.
  14. Besides you would also be having a good weekend of fun with your real life friends. You know, posting on the same forum while sitting around the same table can be a lot of fun. You can discuss what kind of threads and posts you want to make before you put them in the forum. Sort of like what professional wrestlers do before they enter the ring.
  15. Unlimited? Then it's a great buy. I think I will contact the other members of my team and see if they are interested in some kind of audio conferencing facility. How many users can be online at any one time? As many as the server slots which are paid for?
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