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  1. Yes but it is still best to at least here some reviews before actually purchasing it. Anyway those bugs are just minor and I think that the official release is far way better than the preview version.
  2. I actually purchased a tablet because I would like to read my books on my tablet. I am a medical student so books were heavy! As in HEAVY! That's why I immediately got myself a tablet so that it will be more handy plus it is more entertaining!
  3. Thanks for this. I am also having problems with facebook feeds that are not on time. I just ignore it most of the time but then if there is a solution for this why would I just ignore it? Thanks!
  4. I have heard that we could update windows 7 and even windows XP into windows 8 and vista in less than $40. At first I can;t believe it because I was expecting windows 8 official price to be above $50 but then I was wrong. Here it is. I am not so sure if I will try this one right away. I have used the consumer preview edition before but it has some bugs. I guess I should wait for some feedback before purchasing this.
  5. Typing experience in tablets is not really that good. It feel like it is way too small or too fragile for my hands. I enjoy tablet most when reading and browsing the net. It is also good using photoshop and drawing apps.
  6. I started my forum with only myself managing it and that was 5 months ago. Now I have two moderators but all of them were my friends online that I have met 1 year ago so basically I didn;t put up a "Wanted Moderator" on my forum because I think that I'll just be dealing with people that I don't know. It is always good to have moderators because it lessens your job as the admin. All you have to concentrate on is to improve the forum while moderatoors gets to the members.
  7. Really? This post made me visit paypal after awhile but then I didn;t notice any change. Also I am able to connect to it on firefox. I still haven't tried it in chrome though. I do not really notice any change right now.
  8. I don't think you can get a good work when it is done s ofast and was cheap but then it depends on the person's preference. I think Nathan is right. Good is an opinion. I mean all of use has our standards to call something good.
  9. This kind of stories is a proof that people are good in nature. I think that all people could be like this person in this story. All they need is just someone to make them realize how good they can be and they will always be appreciated by doing good things.
  10. There is a reason why people likes general chat. By its name says, it is general meaning majority of the members knows about what is everybody is talking about in here. Let's say that I am a good graphic artist but I am not good in programming, the other member is good in programming but do not know about gaming but we both know about what is the latest with Justin Bieber. And Justin Bieber would fall on the general chat so of coarse more members will post on this section. Get the point?
  11. Right now I am handling just one website and I can already feel the stress of handling it so I don;t think I cold handle more than that. Right now I am focusing on just one website and maybe I would consider making another one if I already have done everything that I would add to me first website.
  12. I allow outbound links but it is all placed in just one section. It is in the promoting section of my forum. I don't allow affiliate links on signatures.
  13. I make about 15 post or sometimes less in a day. I don't post much but rather I talk with the members in the chatbox because I have added that feature. I think it is more convenient to talk to them in the chatbox so that I could answer their questions right away or update them and warn some who are spamming.
  14. Wow! This seems like a cool stuff. I haven;t tried linux ever and I didn't know that it has this feature. I have to try this one. Thanks for sharing. I will share my experience in here once I tried it out.
  15. This is a close match but I would give it to windows7 because of faster boot time and also the display is impressive. XP could also be great because it has less known bugs, it is also fast and I love XP for gaming. Wow! Now I am thinking of reverting my PC into XP. lol! What was my choice again?
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