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  1. 10 Thousand? How and why people buy domains expecting to sell them at 3000 + is beyond me.
  2. Oh no not this new site that I'm doing but I was thinking of a name for another forum site that I might see if I can build up and sell to them. With all the people I see posting about how they sold their site or forum I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with selling to this company. Also does anyone else notice the over use of Crowd? I've seen at least 2 other companies with Crowd in them: CrowdSource/CrowdFlower...stop crowding already!
  3. Does anyone know about this site? Has anyone had any experience with selling a forum to this site? http://www.crowdgather.com/ I am pretty interested in starting a forum...well its going to be apart of my new website, but I'll get into that later. Anyhow I was interested in joining a Forum owner forum so I typed Forum for Forum Owners in the Google search bar and I saw this in the search results. It seems pretty cool to me. Also I finally got my hosting re-setup by Godaddy and I'm back on trying to do my own webmastering(since everyone else seems to be too high brow) Thoughts o
  4. Can someone tell me what a derogatory public record means? I was applying for a credit card like I usually do, and they always deny me and I've made peace with that. But when I received the denial letter through the mail it said, collection/defaults exist, and also too many bad public records exist. What the heck is this about? I've never been arrested before. I've never trashed a house or anything like that so what does that mean?
  5. I have an even better question than that? Out of the forum owners who do 50$ contests how often do you do it? And why? If the forum is not making any money off of adsense or whatever why do you do contests?
  6. Well I don't know I was more interested when I thought it was just a regular guy like me that didn't really know much about how this all works. Meh. The other site makes it seem harder.
  7. I don't know what the deal is with Facebook, people devulge all of their personal business on there. And its really bad when they do it in all caps like "PAY ATTENTION CAUSE SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO ME!"
  8. Really? I don't know. If you are planning on having a hold bunch of websites go with the reseller plan, because it will allow you to set up a main domain name, and park different websites at that domain. It also comes with a pretty cool website building program as well.
  9. Hmm I think that the LHC really didn't work, not as it was intended to. And now that CERN has spent an ungodly amount of money on a toy looking Stargate that does nothing, they have to create all these reports to assure funders LHC wasn't a complete waste of time and money.
  10. I don't think so, if they are its news to me. I know the World Cup is shown here, but thats about it. Maybe Univision.
  11. Both Apple and Samsung need to stop playing. We all know fully well that the slide to unlock is a minor feature of the touchscreens that was invented way before tablets. I agree with Samsung if they are saying that Apple duplicated other intellectual patents by other companies filed long ago. Now if Samsung is trying to say they invented most of this technology than they are just wrong.
  12. Ugh I wish. I'm in America so that means were are supposed to be following the NBA playoffs. I wish we could get some new games to look at like Soccer and Rugby.
  13. This looks really cool, but I have a program that allows me to connect remotely to my job. The program was downloaded onto my system by my employer. How will this affect that?
  14. Thats pretty awesome Nathan. So if I'm understanding this correctly, Adsense will pay you for eyeballs per view right?
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