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  1. I don't know but it looks like Bing is catching up with google in terms of the search engine. On a popularity contest point of view, google is just plain dominating at the moment.
  2. Del.icio.us should be there as well. They can give you a decent amount of traffic and and it worked pretty good for me.
  3. Besides Adsense, I use clickbank as an affiliate. It pays pretty good considering the niche I'm doing has a decent following.
  4. I'd gotta say firefox is slowly turning to IE and I'm starting to prefer Chrome with it's sandbox but that's just me.
  5. I'd like to add the GLSL shaders mod. It adds more depth to the game and and gives it a better look. That and I'm a sucker for good graphics.
  6. Valve and Bethesda would have my vote. I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series and I still play counter strike untill this very day.
  7. I'd like too see a sequel for psychonauts. It's been a long time and games like it are pretty rare.
  8. I like flying Jets in Battlefield, that and it has better sniper rifle physics. The COD franchise is just turning to the same thing over and over again. Unlike battlefield though, where they consider adding more features in the game.
  9. That and counter strike is still going strong. Well for me anyways. And Valve's also has Counter Stike: Global offensive up so I'll stick on PC gaming.
  10. Now that's something to cheer about. Honestly I can sense the major increase on Counter strike servers by the sheer thought that valve is releasing steam on Linux.
  11. The .net domain will be better. The .com sites will stay but it is still classified as a US based site. The internet is more international than ever and I wouldn't be surprised if .net takes over the majority of internet sites.
  12. Yahoo was a pretty good search engine back then and Microsoft has made Bing as a pretty good contender for Search results. I'm not sure if I would miss Google.
  13. Then I'd recommend using namecheap as a hoster. They are not related to any of the SOPA mess and they have some pretty reasonable prices up for offer.
  14. Linux server hand down! I've made a server running on Linux using my old CPU parts back in the day and I gotta admit the server was faster and better. I've also experimented with a Windows server, yes it has it's upsides but it's less stable compared to a Linux one.
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