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  1. Yep the classic "WTFWIT Domain Purchase"..... I bought PlayChessForMoney.com a number of years back..... and sure enough the next morning I thought to myself WTF was I thinking!!! Funny thing is I continue to renew it in the hopes that online betting gets legalized in US one day! There are a number of others that I have registered like that... Phragrance.com - for those of us not quite PH balanced ! Orbedia.com - Orbitz or Expedia - cant decide? Let Orbedia do the work for you! ..... Be glad to share my list if anyones interested....
  2. Is your site live Nathan - if so care to share the link? would like to take a look... best, bollywood
  3. Welcome to the show JimBOB IV - looking forward to sharing and learning!!
  4. Value is in the eye of the beholder.... Every domain was at one time hand registered so what someone paid for it and what they are willing to sell it for should have no correlation. I'll give you a great example. Right now the .in domains are going for 79 Rupees for the first year. 79 RUPEES - thats a buck and a half AKA $1.50 USD. energie.in sold last week for $1,524. "Someone" registered this in 2007 for $1.50 USD Its completely fair - its called BUSINESS
  5. Welcom to the forum xtinguish .... looking forward to learning and sharing! What type of technologies are you involved in and what keeps you busy?
  6. damn u all have some kick ass speeds... almost embarassed to post mine on here:
  7. Whats up Players and Playees, Wonderful forum...have found some great information here over time.... finally decided to join. Im a domain investor / developer / monetizer / data base administrator / self proclaimed programmer (php/mySQL) . Been involved in the space for 10+ years... Currenly run numerous websites that helps to keep me out of trouble . Wouldn't have it any other way ! Call me sick, but my idea of a fun time is to download an open source script that I've been eyeing for a while and tweaking it to see if it suites my purpose.... and thats what I call a Saturday Ni
  8. Nathan - what a lovely forum - thanks! Thank you for saving me a few bucks in testing the script out. If you have purchased the $500 option, please do share your thoughts. There are a few more clones that you may consider exploring and testing.... Let me know if I can help in anyway possible. http://www.cogzidel.com/pinterest-clone http://www.pinmescript.com/ http://www.apptha.com/pinterest-clone-for-joomla http://uniprogy.com/pinnect http://www.themesnap.com/premium-drupal-themes/pinboard.html
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