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  1. +1 ,couldn't agree more with you my friend !
  2. ljepilo

    PS3 VS Xbox360

    Still nobody replied me with concrete answer. Is it worth to buy ps3 since ps4 just might be around the corner?
  3. I modded my xbox 360 not so recently ago too ..
  4. I think the day when I tried my first smoke , I was completely with empty stomach ..
  5. Has anyone here watched the movie "The Vow" ??? I hear its pretty good romance ...
  6. Well the Anonymous OS seems to me that is 99% same as linux ...
  7. Please specify for what website is this ? EDIT : Sorry its for register.com ,didn't see it ! Thanks for sharing !
  8. You should definitely start it , its gonna be a good new experience for you !
  9. I watched the movie like 4 years ago, there is new one coming out ??
  10. And how much do they cost? I'm not well familious with that one...
  11. I have never really tried to smoke more,I was always afraid of the dizzy feeling ... How much time it requires to get used on it?
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