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    ljepilo got a reaction from deadmauslov in [METHOD] Time+Facebook+blogspot+adsense= $400/month   
    I was really lazy to read all of the posts, but this thread is not unique ? ?
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    ljepilo reacted to DarkGizmo in Dragon's Dogma   
    I agree. Enjoying Dragon's Dogma. However, Capcom screwed me over recently so I won't be buying anymore of their games. However, Dogma is very enjoyable.
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    ljepilo got a reaction from Godric in Win 7 VS Win XP   
    I have used linux for several years now ,and I want to try something different now . I will definitely get a Windows 7 !
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    ljepilo got a reaction from merlyn73 in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    Seriously, I will never understand the people who like the Timeline. Facebook actually forced people to use timeline,which is really bad. I wish there was an option to remove the timeline from my profile.I want my old profile back !
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    ljepilo got a reaction from Creaky in Chelsea is the new champion!   
    I wasn't really hoping for any of those two teams to win. I'm a Manchester United fan so I don't like Chelsea at all ...
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    ljepilo reacted to Thomas in How many e-mail accounts do you have?   
    People that create websites will create email accounts just for that website (IE: admin@mywebsite staff@mywebsite noreply@myself support@mywebsite...) For example I have an email address him [a] tombell.me which I host on my web hosting account.
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    ljepilo reacted to Jessi in 23 Vlogging tips   
    Some of them are pretty self-explanatory, but there are some goodies worth paying attention to if you're considering vlogging.
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    ljepilo reacted to Nathan in Anyone here who dislikes the timeline?   
    I didn't like at first, but I like all the real estate at the top!
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