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  1. My friends told me that most video games made by programming students or the like ended up on Y8 and other browser gaming websites. My friend told me he's working on a game, similar to the RPG game Ragnarok and he was asking me for ideas, so I gave him some. That happened weeks ago, I don't know if he went through with it but I hope he does I want to play his game. Also, I remembered my uncle made a game too. It was a game similar yet again to Ragnarok Online. The game was great and seeing his game made me want to become a programmer but when I got older I realized that it was really chall
  2. Well as it turns out, the real meaning of "Word Of Mouth" is that the people would talk about your website, product or service. The term "Word Of Mouth" is used to describe the way people talk about your business and not the way how you would advertise you business by literally using your mouth and advertise to people. I just learned this days ago, someone told me the true meaning of the term "Word Of Mouth." Sorry for being a know-it-all.
  3. Ezekiel

    Angry Birds

    I don't see the point of playing Angry Birds online. I mean, it's already fun playing it offline why play it online? Also, what did they change? If people could play from offline to online, what did they change? Are there multi-player modes were you would take turns in throwing the bird? Obviously, I'm not a fan of Angry Birds, lol.
  4. Waiting for a better graphics card for Battlefield 3 is not a wrong move. In fact, it is a great move. I've played Battlefield 3 on my PS3 with a LED TV and with HDMI cable and it was a blast! It's was so breath taking, I can't believe how great the graphics are today. Although I really favor Battlefield 3 over MW3, I was really disappointed with the Campaign. The campaign wasn't bad, the story wasn't bad. The only problem I had with it was the short campaign. The developers said that they focused more on the online content and less on the online content.
  5. Ezekiel

    Evil Genius

    So what you're saying is that this is like a Sims game but you're the bad guy? Releasing a follow-up with this concept and the Austin Powers movie would've been the best move ever. SInce, Doctor Evil is an Evil Genius bent on world domination. Simulating as an Evil Genius bent on world domination would be the perfect game for that time. Is the game still available? Do they have an offline version of this, where you don't need steam to play it? A good game, I'll research a bit about it.
  6. Battlefield 3 is the best FPS game today! Battlefield 3 beats MW3 big time, it's true! I've played both games, I enjoyed both of them but Battlefield 3 stood out the most for me. The graphics the gameplay and every war detail, Battlefield 3 has it. Although the MW3 is also a good game, I really don't see it as a competition for MW3. Not to mention that Battlefield 3 soldiers has feet and the MW3 soldiers are hovering, lol.
  7. I think you're right about the PS3 slim version are more immune to overheat. My PS3 is the slim version with 320GB and I play games on it a lot. I mean I could play my PS3 whole day, even my butt's giving up because of all the sitting. Even though I played hours on my PS3, I haven't experienced any overheating issues and I don't think other PS3 owners reported the same.
  8. Another Hitman game? I've played the other Hitman games on my PC back when I was a kid and I enjoyed it. I really did, although it was hard for me to finish the game because I was still a kid and not thinking straight. I enjoyed the mechanics of the game, putting poison in food and using a piano wire for a silent kill and all that. You could even drag the bodies of your victims just like a real hitman. They're making another? Maybe it's old news but I'm glad I found out, better late than never. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  9. Ezekiel

    Marvel Alliance

    Yeah, maybe you'll like it. Try checking it out and you'll get the hang of it. The game's great and has good graphics and with all the Marvel Avenger craze, I think most of your Facebook friends are playing this game. I really enjoyed that game but I haven't logged in yet for days, I'm too busy recently but I'll check it out from time to time.
  10. If I would sell my forum, how much would the bidding start? Would the years affect the price? Also, will the number of members affect it? If it's a unique niche, would it be a bit more pricy? Please do tell, I'm planning on creating a forum maybe I'll sell it after I monetize it. I'm planning on creating 2 forums, so I want to know some ways to earn from it. Thanks & God bless!
  11. Oh my! This is a great site! I can't believe this! People and their ideas, they're endless! It's a great site, I already bookmarked it! I'm gonna have lots of fun here, lol. I just hope I won't get broke after looking here. lol. I like these ones: -Water Jetpack -Suit Pajamas -Sword Handle Umbrellas -Most Powerful Laser (Lightsaber) -Magic Wand TV Remote! Try it, just don't get broke!
  12. Well, to get more members I think having great contents would be the first. I think gaining members by advertising isn't an option it's a must. You would really need to advertise to gain members. Although if you're content is really great and everyday or every week you deliver a great content to the people I'm pretty sure you won't need to advertise too much but that's a long shot. We need to advertise to gain members, simple as that.
  13. Ezekiel

    PS3 VS Xbox360

    I think this is the millionth time I've seen this thread lol. If you're gonna buy a new console I suggest you ask yourself these questions: 1. What games do I want to play? (There are some games that are exclusive for the Xbox 360 and PS3.) 2. What will I play with my friends? (This only applies when you are a competitive or fun gamer, if you're a lone game then skip this question.) 3. What console does my friends have? (Again this would apply if you like playing with your friends. Chances are having the same console would be helpful with not just OFFLINE modes but also ONLINE mode
  14. Ezekiel

    Marvel Alliance

    This is a Facebook game, Marvel Alliance or something. I love the movie The Avengers and I discovered this game just this week. My friends has been sending me a lot of invites to this game and I got irritated and tried it out. It's a turn-based browser game. Yes, a browser game just like the famous Tetris Battle, Farmville, etc. You'll come in as an Agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. you can pick your gender. You'll be fighting villains such as Whiplash, Viper and other enemies all of the Avengers and the whole Marvel world. You'll be recruiting heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Wi
  15. I don't think YouTube is losing their impression but rather the opposite. The success of the current famous YouTube partners has the whole world begging for their shot at fame. There are a lot great video content all over YouTube, they just don't exercise it because they won't get paid. Google is all about the money, even from the start. This move is their way of reaching out to the world and their opportunity to bank big! If they have a YouTube partner, let's say in Japan. They could use his YouTube account to advertise to Japan considering that the Japanese would support their fellow Japanes
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