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  1. Tryed it out was worthless for me really I didnt like it at all and it was hard to do something for it .
  2. Works but still not that cheap for my budged :S
  3. Usally I get a .info and .com or just one of them I have for sholecompany a .info and .com
  4. Faster then Chrome? Really ? I got to check that out then.
  5. This is great as an idea I mean this is the perfect contest(that's what i will be starting soon) since virtual currency can be earned with posts or exchanged for something so you will get posts and who knows maybe some active members for the future. That's at least what I am hoping to get from my upcomming contest .
  6. This is great why didnt you add it sooner?
  7. Congrats on reaching that great milestone i hope 100k will follow soon
  8. Well first of all create a god looking site ,then just promote it wehre ever you can giveaway some things . Work hard on the forum and be friendly and promote where ever whenever you can. The more the better
  9. I have seen that they offer now a .info for every .com for free. I guess its worth buying now but I dunno a .com it relly depends if you buy them off from a registar the most you hould pay 9$ and if you buy them off someone it depends of the PR and such
  10. Wow I never heard of that langauge when were you in collage I tryed to learn C++ and pearl but failed misserably as i wasnt able to find enough free time .
  11. Shole

    Sold Domains for 3 $

    Locking the thread please the last domain has been sold
  12. Shole

    Sold Domains for 3 $

    Sorry for late reply but as victor said only mafiabrain.com is for sale now.
  13. Shole

    Sold Domains for 3 $

    traffic well none some minor traffic not to huge because those are only domains and as for the domain goes ill see if i get pmed back if not ill sell it for the 3$ price
  14. Shole

    WTS Big-Board.net

    5$? or how much do you want for it
  15. Shole

    Sold Domains for 3 $

    Sorry again mistake mafiabrain.com isnt sold learnseoforum.com i still wait for a reply Really busy the last few days sorry people
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