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  1. Helpful post, will consider using this site when i upgrade my iphone 4 to a iphone 5. Just wondering do they ask about the condition of the phone?
  2. Love the list of cool apps, i read this and downloaded two myself. I love the android lock which i was not even aware existed - thanks a bunch!
  3. Just wondering, i just recently purchased a iphone 4s and was not sure if i could jailbreak it. How do i find out if i can jailbreak it?
  4. I never knew macs could get viruses, i always believed that they were invulnerable to viruses. Though i have never saw one getting a virus so it is probably really rare.
  5. interesting video, learned a lot about wireless devices. Makes me believe hackers can actually kill people if they wanted to =[.
  6. I used a lot of browsers before, IE, Firefox, safari, but in the end i still always end up loving chrome for its speed and easy to use interface. I used to believe Firefox had all the best add-ons but then i found out chrome had good addons too =D.
  7. Times New Roman just seems to fit for everything, its just the way it looks. Only time i would ever use any other font is when i am decorating and just for the title i would put like a really stylish one but everything else is Times New Roman.
  8. A can of compressed air would probably solve your problem and it is only about 10 bucks at most at your local hardware stores. So just pick one up and you wont need to worry about this for a while afterwards.
  9. Man i jacked up the specs on my computer just for D3, i pre-ordered the game 6 months in advance and now i am loving my game on max graphics =D.
  10. Well i was always a bigger fan of PC than consoles so i wouldn't mind getting a monster gaming rig since i practically only use my computer anyway.
  11. I have used both XP and 7 and i have to say i like 7 a lot more. Some people who have computers that a bit slower and cant handle windows 7 should probably move to XP but if you computer can handle 7 you should use it since it is just easier to use as a whole and much faster.
  12. Computer looks sick, looks nice and has great specs. Just wondering are those images of the inside of your computer since it looks so neat and when i created my computer the inside was a lot messier. If it is, do you have any tips on how to make it cleaner?
  13. Wow just looked at the specs on your computer and price and now i am in shock. Friend built me a computer that is half as good for the same price.
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