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  1. I was both. I had a SNES, but I'd usually play the Genesis over at friends' houses, and I never had a favorite.
  2. I own a iMac from early 2007 and it still runs surprisingly well. I can still use it for most stuff, and it can run the adobe cs5 pack with absolutely no problems. Also, you might prefer a desktop if you're in need for power, due to customization possibilities and upgrading.
  3. I have almost no hope left for the Nintendo consoles. I've felt the actual quality of the console has dropped starting with the GameCube, and while the Wii had some pretty amazing sales, as a gamer I can't help but feel disappointed by it. I'd really like if Nintendo made up their damn minds whether they want to focus on the gamer market or the casual player market and roll with it. As someone who has and enjoys an NES even today, I feel saddened by seeing Nintendo pending to the latter.
  4. I believe that if you're able to build yourself a Hackintosh, there's really no reason to stick to it over vanilla Unix OSs. You'd be sacrificing system stability for little more than a gimmick.
  5. I do understand your feelings. Personally, I only got the game for the AI. As a student, it's very helpful to have some good examples of AI to analyze. If not for that, I wouldn't even pay attention to it due to crapcom bullshit.
  6. The game's looking interesting so far. I'm only hoping it has some depth to its system. The camera looks a bit weird, as in, it's hard to get an accurate sense of distance with its current positioning, and spacing is one of the most important aspects of fighting games' strategy. Still, I'm curious to see how it works out as a fan of the .hack series.
  7. I modded pretty much every console I have except the PS3 and the Vita. Mostly to get over ridiculous policies such as region locking. The ps2 and the Wii were hardmodded,but then I went and softmodded the wii too for extra compatibility and potential, while my PSP was simply and deliciously softmodded.
  8. And that means it's pretty much above average for its genre. I'd advise you to download the demo and take your own conclusions. Better than relying on other people's opinions right?
  9. I wouldn't go with IGN's review alone. Check Metacritic, as they have a normalized score between reviewers and users. Overall, it's a better choice for checking how a game is doing.
  10. shinastray

    Evil Genius

    I guess this is one of them awesome games I was unable to play due to having crappy computers until I got into college. I'm interested in it now. Any comments on gameplay?
  11. And here I am, back with a more informed opinion on DD. So, the Pawn system is good, as in AMAZINGLY HELPFUL good. Which quite frankly, is a must at some times, since the lighting can be quite terrible at some times, and it's pretty hard to spot an enemy as their life bars only appears while you're hitting them. Combine that with some really dark shadows and you have people going "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT COMING FROM?" all the time. As for the combat itself, it is pretty solid, despite a lack of a defense option for the non-shield wearing classes. If you could at least roll out of danger's w
  12. Seriously. Capcom is appearing to be more and more morally bankrupt. I only got Dragon's Dogma because I got info the AI in the game is absolutely amazing (and it's true), something that really interests me as a game design student. They're becoming as bad as EA or Bioware. But I'm not planning to get anything else Capcom releases, especially because of the "10 DLC missions, 1 per week" and "NEW HAIRSTYLES" both paid DLC for Dragon's Dogma, and due to how quickly they were released, I suspect they're both on-disc.
  13. I share your opinion on Capcom, but I'm a bit more pragmatic. I buy the games that are well-made, if only to support the stuff I want to see perpetuated in gaming. If Capcom pulls a MvC3 again, I won't be touching anything from them ever again.
  14. So, I bought Dragon's Dogma after enjoying the demo, and I have to admit: Capcom actually made something good. Even if the graphics are kinda ugly sometimes, the game feels pretty balanced, and it takes some pretty interesting turns on the pseudo-multiplayer aspect. Then again, I played for only a couple hours. Anyone else with the game clocked more? What are your opinions? Is the DLC be on-disc again? Does Capcom's execs need to be shot in the eyes with a dart gun? Share your thoughts my friends.
  15. I cast my vote for Atlus. Mostly because they usually give us really high quality games that rarely rely on DLC for anything. And MegaTen. Delicious MegaTen.
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