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    shinastray got a reaction from DarkGizmo in Dragon's Dogma   
    And here I am, back with a more informed opinion on DD.
    So, the Pawn system is good, as in AMAZINGLY HELPFUL good. Which quite frankly, is a must at some times, since the lighting can be quite terrible at some times, and it's pretty hard to spot an enemy as their life bars only appears while you're hitting them. Combine that with some really dark shadows and you have people going "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT COMING FROM?" all the time. As for the combat itself, it is pretty solid, despite a lack of a defense option for the non-shield wearing classes. If you could at least roll out of danger's way, it wouldn't be so annoying.
    The game has a lot of subquests, but sometimes you'll be completely lost simply because you have no freaking clue where you're supposed to go. Witchwood? Where in the living hell is that? While most quests and subquests have a marker showing where you have to go to proceed, if you haven't reached an area yet, the game won't give you any clue how to get there. This kinda seems like doubt between going oldschool and leaving the players to their destiny and investigative skills and going modern and holding the player's hand through the entire ordeal. But generally, you can manage.
    The costs for EVERYTHING is pretty high. As in, second city in game, you need either 80k or 30k gold to finish a sidequest (HERO OF THE PEOPLE way and BUSINESSMAN way respectively), and cash is HARD to come by. Even selling your unused equipment will net you very little cash. Doesn't help that you need to equip yourself and your main Pawn.
    Overall, I'm finding it a bit rough around the edges, but it's been a pretty enjoyable experience.
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    shinastray reacted to DarkGizmo in Dragon's Dogma   
    I agree. Enjoying Dragon's Dogma. However, Capcom screwed me over recently so I won't be buying anymore of their games. However, Dogma is very enjoyable.
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