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  1. Personally I use Notepad ++. I find that by using Notepad or another program that only shows a code view means you don't get all the extra bulk added to your web pages that Dreamweaver often adds and also you actually understand better what the code behind you site is doing. If you use Dreamweaver and go and add things to the template in the design view you aren't going to know exactly what's been added to your code. I use Notepad++ over Notepad as it uses syntax highlighting which makes it easier to spot little mistakes such as if you've forgotten to close a tag. It also shows line number
  2. Hey, I'm Jack, but you can call me Clarkie if you want. I'm a web designer who's been using HTML and CSS for just over a year now and has just started to look to expand into PHP and Javascript. I love designing and creating themes and websites and it is not just one of my jobs but it is also my hobby. I'm also a football fan and have grown up supporting Manchester United as my family is from Manchester but let's not discuss that one for a while or you might cause an argument! I referee for the Wiltshire FA and I ran the line at an U14 cup final at the county ground this year. I h
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