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  1. I'll care when they announce a 360 port. I already have a blu-ray player, I'm not paying $250 for a system when the only worthwhile software is MGS4 and a couple Disgaea games. Anyways, I've never really understood the obsession with Achievemnts and Trophies. Are there really people who can't enjoy something unless they can brag about how good they are at it?
  2. As it stands right now, I'm sticking with 7 for my Windows needs until MS discontinues support for it. Windows 8 is just... bad. The Metro UI still feels too much like a mobile interface, and there's still no way to disable it. I can't even use a real start menu without installing third-party software. Then there's the fact that while the Windows 7 Beta worked fine out-of-the-box with no tweaking, I got no less than half a dozen blue screens with the consumer preview of Windows 8 in the first week or so of using it. Even Vista was (and still is) better than 8. That said, I'll probably buy
  3. As far as I'm aware, Chromium lacks both the PDF reader and Flash plugin the Google builds into Chrome. Everything else works, though, so I ususally don't bother with Chrome. It does seem like last time I tried installing Chrome there was a Ubuntu-compatible .deb right on the Chrome site, as well as the option to just add Google's PPA repository and install it hassle-free from there.
  4. I don't see why not, really; they're advocating mild excerise in place of so much TV time. I've heard some bloggers go on about how much they enjoy their standing desks, but it's something I could probably never do. I worked as a dishwasher for a few months at a fairly popular beachside motel/restaraunt, and even if the dining area was empty I wasn't allowed to sit down, despite the dishes being washed and put away, the trash taken to the dumpsters, etc. That's 6-8 hours a night, 10 if there was a wedding, and my back or legs would always be sore after four hours or so, even if I'd spent m
  5. Well, it's hardly news that RFID isn't the most secure system out there. Honestly it'd probably be better in the long run if it was made very public knowledge now rather than when some sort of scandal hits later, but I suppose the corporations want to clutch their cash as long as they can. A hell of a dick move, anyways.
  6. Always been a fan of IPB, that gets my top vote. I had a SMF forum for a little while a few years back, and it was pretty good too, but I don't really know how well it's held up; I haven't heard much about any development in a while.
  7. Yeah, it's for Windows, and works from at least XP all the way through 8. As for it being a memory hog, I don't know where people get that idea. With any of the default or recommended skin packs, I've never seen it eat more than 40MB or so of RAM. I've used it without problems on machines with 1GB or 2GB or RAM.
  8. Yeah, both programs are great, although anymore I feel like Rainmeter is focused more on aesthetics than on system monitoring or anything. I used to have a great looking Conky setup that worked well with almost any wallpaper I paired it with, but it didn't work right when I switched to Gnome Shell, and I seem to have lost it now.
  9. If it's not set to automount that drive or partition at boot (or even if it doesn't mount before the background tries to load), it probably defaults back to the original. I know that media players like Banshee won't automount other drives or partitions, which is a pain when your library consists solely of media on another partition, so I assume it's the case here too.
  10. Vizio's already well established in the AV market, and I think they've even got a tablet out. They've got one of the best 3D/Internet app TVs on the market, and other AV products like Blu Ray players; I really don't think the PC market is a huge step for them. They'll be a hit at Walmart, anyways, I'm sure. As for all-in-one PCs, I like the concept, especially touch-screen ones, but the problem I have is that the hardware's generally hard or near impossible to access and replace.
  11. Honestly, the brand makes more of a difference than the speed when longevity is the issue. Sure, in theory, the 5400RPM is going to last longer, but I've got a collection of various hard drives with various connection types and speeds dating back to a couple Compaq laptops still running Windows 95,and I've never had a hard drive permanently fail. I will say that Seagate drives have been the most problematic - the enclosures on two external Seagate drives (a 2.5" and 3.5") broke and the drives had to be moved into off-brand enclosures. The 5400RPM Seagate in my last laptop also has a bunch of b
  12. My laptop's a 12.1" with 1366x768 resolution; my old machine was 15" with the same resolution, but oddly enough i find the smaller one much more comfortable. My desktop's hooked to a 19.1" LCD monitor, and since I like having everything in my face and in reach, I'll probably never go beyond 22 or maybe 24 inches. At some point I need to something with at least 1080p resolution for the desktop, anyways.
  13. You know, if WoW was absolutely the only thing you used Windows for, you might want tor look at running it under Wine, if you haven't already. From what I've heard (I never really got into WoW) it runs pretty well with only a few bugs. If that works, you could get rid of Windows altogether, although I'm not sure if that's something you're really looking to do, especially if you use Netflix.
  14. Hah, I forgot all about Fiverr. Good to see they're doing well; I kinda thought it was a gimmicky idea but I'm glad to be proven wrong. Contemplating starting a proofreading service or something but the market looks oversaturated already.
  15. I realize this is formally the Linux help/support subforum, but there are other conversational topics here and this subforum could use some livening up anyways. Mine was DamnSmallLinux in probably 2008; I needed a live OS to boot on an old laptop and recover files. The small size made it one of the only feasible downloads on a dial-up connection, and the low system requirements went well with the 800mhz AMD processor and 128MB of RAM. Nowadays my main distro is Fedora; I had a nice Gnome-Shell Arch setup on my other laptop but it had a catastrophic hardware failure early in the year and ha
  16. It's certainly much easier (IMO) to look through books or stored documents than it is to seek through a video, and when learning a programming language you're going to want to search and verify a lot on your own, which could be tedious with a video, but if it's working for him he could just get reference books/documents as a supplement. Personally, I've never looked at that site so I don't know how or how much they teach you to make a firmer judgement on the matter.
  17. Can't seem to edit, so I apologize for the double post, but here's the breakdown: The GoDaddy code is dead. They have a banner on the website offering a similar 99-cent deal with the code Indy500, but that doesn't work even when the site tries to automatically enter it, so I guess that's dead too. The Register.com one works, but I've heard about people having their domains bought out by a partner site as little as a day after they forget to renew, with the group trying to sell the domain back for well over a hundred dollars. If you do this, cancel or transfer before your year's up. 1a
  18. I suppose all-in-one hosting/domains would mean that if a hacker gained illegitimate access, they could screw with your files and mess with your domain settings at the same time, I guess. It seems like having the two separate from would provide a slight overall security boost to one or the other, but I'm not really sure how worthwhile it'd be, especially if you're satisfied with your domain provider's hosting.
  19. Any word on pricing? If their TVs are any indication, Vizio's pretty good at putting together good hardware at a reasonable cost.
  20. I took a basic C++ course in a summer youth program at Michigan Tech after my freshman year in high school, but the instruction wasn't great and not a lot of it stuck with me. The first language I learned seriously was Java, although I did some work in teaching myself some basic HTML.
  21. Nice! Though I personally don't have much use for it aside from moving a personal hosting space or free web forum to a real domain, it's always nice to see a steal available. I'll have to check to see if the GoDaddy one still works and report back.
  22. Anonymous is a large and disorganized group, I can guarantee there are a lot of people who want to be 'part of the action' but don't even know how to join in on a DDOS attack. I haven't even heard of this (though I do remember some Anonymous WinXP releases from a few years ago) but i'm guessing it just contains an easy-to-use DDOS tool (LOIC or whatever they're calling it anymore) and some attempt at online anonymity/security. I still wouldn't run it without removing all my hard drives from the machine first, in case it's largey some 4channer's idea of a prank or harvesting tool. If anyone
  23. I really don't see the point in it. A whole website for sharing searches? There are already too many social networking sites, I don't think we need to throw another useless one on the pile.
  24. Yeah, sounds like a pretty sketchy idea to me. I've been taking 4-10 hours a week of various programming or other CS courses for four semesters now, and I still don't think I'm nearly ready to enter the field as a skilled or professional developer, so there's no way this can end as well as any enrollee expects it to.
  25. Any OS has to use a 64bit version to address 4GB or more of RAM, not just Windows. The problem is that I've never heard a good thing about Windows XP's 64-bit version.
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