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    JimBobIV got a reaction from deadmauslov in Wanted to share this Win Customization tool. Its cool and lightweight.   
    Yeah, it's for Windows, and works from at least XP all the way through 8.
    As for it being a memory hog, I don't know where people get that idea. With any of the default or recommended skin packs, I've never seen it eat more than 40MB or so of RAM. I've used it without problems on machines with 1GB or 2GB or RAM.
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    JimBobIV got a reaction from Nathan in Desktop Background Image   
    If it's not set to automount that drive or partition at boot (or even if it doesn't mount before the background tries to load), it probably defaults back to the original. I know that media players like Banshee won't automount other drives or partitions, which is a pain when your library consists solely of media on another partition, so I assume it's the case here too.
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    JimBobIV got a reaction from merlyn73 in So what was your first Linux distro?   
    You know, if WoW was absolutely the only thing you used Windows for, you might want tor look at running it under Wine, if you haven't already. From what I've heard (I never really got into WoW) it runs pretty well with only a few bugs. If that works, you could get rid of Windows altogether, although I'm not sure if that's something you're really looking to do, especially if you use Netflix.
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    JimBobIV got a reaction from Nathan in So what was your first Linux distro?   
    I realize this is formally the Linux help/support subforum, but there are other conversational topics here and this subforum could use some livening up anyways.
    Mine was DamnSmallLinux in probably 2008; I needed a live OS to boot on an old laptop and recover files. The small size made it one of the only feasible downloads on a dial-up connection, and the low system requirements went well with the 800mhz AMD processor and 128MB of RAM. Nowadays my main distro is Fedora; I had a nice Gnome-Shell Arch setup on my other laptop but it had a catastrophic hardware failure early in the year and had long since gone out of warranty.
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