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  1. I have known quite a few folks to be successful with iDevAffiliate, and I think you went with the right company. I am curious as to what what your product is though? A game key cd store? Is that like when people lose the registration key from their games?
  2. I would think the risk and the expense would in no way be proportional to the rewards unless you already had an established income flow that could cover your costs on ANY given month. Otherwise, I believe you are setting yourself for a failure that you will have only one person to blame on.
  3. I find that Skyrim works absolutely flawlessly on my install of Wine, but older games do not for some reason. It's like you said, it's hit or miss with that particular application. I work with Ubuntu 11, and have found more and more reasons to stick with it every day.
  4. This was pretty inspirational indeed! I just hope that her team mates saw it the same way, high school girls in the US can be brutal creatures....
  5. I have always used Mediafire and have never seen the need to go with a pay service on that. They allow you unlimited storage, but only for files that are less than 200 megs. I don't see where a student would need more than that, but college is a weird place.
  6. Heh...the one guy who thought Fortran was going to give away his age isn't going to feel very bad. Anyone here remember BASIC? 10 PRINT "Dang I'm old.." 10 GOTO 10
  7. I have Thunderbird's filters set so tightly that I doubt my own mother could get an email through to my inbox if she were using anything other than her own PC. Do you use any kind of POP3 client?
  8. It depends for me. If my PayPal account is looking good for the month, I tend to go a little crazy with that money because it seems so much more "disposable" to me for some reason. Instead of websites, I splurge on the e-cigarette stuff like gourmet smoke juices and the like. But my brick and mortar bank account is kept tighter than most, to the dismay of my fiancee and her shoe habit.
  9. I think the most intensive thing I do with my PC would probably be one of my games or the Seti@Home program that I leave running. I try to keep my options open though, and I do use Sql quite a bit during the course of my home based 9-5 job. Thank you all for the input, and I guess I can see not throwing so much money (about 400 clams) down on RAM that isn't neccesarily needed.
  10. I'm actually seeing quite a bit on your site that interests me, Spike. I have been completely freelance since 2006, and yet still find myself stumbling around a little bit. My usual thing is to hook onto a solid remote IT contract as my primary source of income, and use the rest of my time either developing a blog or exploring other opportunities. Nothing has really panned out... So thank you for the free book, it was very gracious of you. And I will be haunting your site for a bit for some more needed knowledge.
  11. They never scoured the campus of MY college *sheds single, dignified tear*. Then again, UF was more known for it's athletics than it's eggheads, in fact I had to do one of Danny Weurfel's(sp) lab assignments because he hurt his widdle knee. I'm not bitter though...really.
  12. Seems like a weird and unprofitable target for a hack. It's open source anyway, isn't it?
  13. I would say that GoDaddy would be a good choice for a beginner who had limited technical knowledge and wanted to just get up and running quickly. What I don't like about them is that they are way overpriced for what they offer, and they never seem to stop wanting to up-sell you SOMETHING. I use ANHosting now, and haven't really looked at any other companies. Their service is a bit more all-inclusive and they offer unlimited domains, bandwidth, storage, and they never bother me to buy more swag.
  14. Yeah I feel ya on the Winrar popup, and the "full version" you purchase is pretty much the same thing, only without a popup and a tech support number. And well....if you need to call their technical support to be able to unzip something, you're probably the kind of person who shouldn't be using it anyway. Just my opinion though, and I don't mean to sound harsh. Thank you for the hack!
  15. Sure it will. It will help me look over at my fellow geeks and say, "hey, I got 32 GB of RAM". But I see your point, but my big thing is that I upgrade my entire machine every five years. Sure, the OS won't do much with the other 24GB, but no one can predict the future, and that's what I have to keep in mind due to my remote location.
  16. I'm pretty sure it was actually created by whatever department of the FBI who investigates cyber-crime. It just doesn't make sense for them (Anonymous) to create an OS like this when it's a given that most of their members are already experienced computer users.
  17. For passive protection, I like to use Microsoft Security Essentials because of it's low memory footprint. But as far as active scanners / removal tools, I have not found anything better than Malwarebytes. If run in Safe Mode with the System Restore functionality turned off in Windows, it can even get rid of those .32SmitFraud viruses (the fake anti-virus trojans) and still leave enough of the OS in tact that a quick run of the System File Checker will get you right back in the game.
  18. I try and keep my costs down as much as I can, and there is no way I could (outside of Fiverr maybe) afford a professional SEO service. I mostly do all of my own SEO, but am probably not very good at it considering my results (or lack thereof). Very curious about the automated systems though...are they Adsense safe?
  19. That's why I am hoping 32 GB of high powered RAM will take up the slack if the CPU turns out to be less than adequate. Plus, at this price, I can afford to get duplicates of both the chip and the mobo if something should happen. This will be my first AMD chip and first 64 bit system. And like it's namesake, Gojira, it will have a teeny tiny brain, but nuclear capabilities. I guess if I end up falling on my face, I can get a cheap enough i3.
  20. Well I for one think Fiverr deserves all of the accolades it can get, they are an innovative and incredibly useful service. Especially if you are a developer. I wouldn't be surprised if they pretty much became the 'Wal Mart' of freelancer sites....
  21. My last US based IT gig was for Best Buy's Geek Squad, and I can say that I am surprised they didn't try to up-sell you an entire new build over your dead hdd. But in truth, the new Geek Squad guys (post 2006) probably scurry away when they find out they are talking to someone with actual knowledge.
  22. So I tend to be the kind of guy who likes to stick with a particular build for as many years as I can ride it out, but I am fast approaching my next five year upgrade cycle. One really important skill I have learned while living in a remote area (Costa Rican rainforest) is how to make a PC last despite environmental challenges. My current flagship rig has survived ash clouds spewed from the local volcano, unbelievably humid and hot conditions, and five rainy seasons that brought along terrifyingly active thunderstorms. But it's time to retire her and give her to my kids as a gaming / learning PC. The hot days are slowing her down to the point where between the hours of 11AM and about 2PM, the performance is so sluggish and awful that I have to turn it off and wait for the daily rain to cool the air and my tin roof. Current Stats of my Five Year Old Soon To Be Retiree PC Intel Pentium 4 Prescott Dual Core @ 3.2GHz Stock Intel CPU cooling fan and heatsink AOpen i915 Motherboard 2 GB PC3200 RAM 1GB Nvidia 9500GT 2 240 GB WD 7200 rpm SATA hard drives Lite-On DVD-RW Optical Drive Generic El Cheapo Bought In Latin America 600 Watt Power Supply Generic El Cheapo Bought In Latin America molded plastic and aluminum case 1 120mm Case Fan in Rear 21 inch Acer AL1914 This setup was built the first week I was here, and has lasted me almost 6 years, give or take. I have had to replace the PSU and video card only once. But it's era has ended. My games are bluescreening the OS, the cooling simply isn't enough for this overworked mb and cpu, and it sounds like a tortured moose when I put it under load. So I have meticulously selected parts from NewEgg for my new build which I have dubbed 'Project Gojira' in honor of both the gigantic lizard and the black and green color scheme it will have. Stats and Components of 'Project Gojira' AMD A8-3870K Unlocked Llano 3.0GHz Socket FM1 100W Quad-Core APU GIGABYTE GA-A75-UD4H FM1 AMD A75 Motherboard G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM Zalman CNPS20LQ Ultimate Liquid CPU Cooler Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express (achieves a hybrid Crossfire with the APU) Corsair Force Series 240 GB SSD for OS, apps, and games Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB 5900 RPM SATA drive for storage Pioneer Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 10X BD-ROM KingWin KX-1000 1000W Modular PSU InWin 'Dragon Rider' Black Steel ATX Full Tower Case 6 Apevia Greeen LED 120 mm Case Fans to distribute in the tower 27 Inch Acer H274HLBMID Black 5ms Full HD HDMI LED BackLight LCD Monitor The money I have saved by not going with another Intel chip, like a Sandy Bridge, has allowed me to put more emphasis on the other components. I also like the concept of the hybrid Crossfire capability of the built in DirectX 11 APU with the discreet 6670. This is my first foray into liquid cooling, and I am curious to see if it tackles this tropical heat and stays reliable. This is also the first time in building my own rig where I have taken aesthetics into consideration. I have never used LED fans, but am looking forward to the green glow coming from the side panel and dorsal areas of the case. The grand total for all of these components, along with some new accessories (XBox 360 Wireless controller, wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless gaming headphones, etc.) is $2149. Buying them down here in San Jose, the capital, would cost me about $3k USD. I'd love to get some input from some fellow geeks on this setup, and maybe some advice if anyone has any experience with any of these components. I only do this once every five years, do you think these parts will last that long? And how 'future proof' do you think this beast will be for the next five years?
  23. Oh sweet 95! I remember it being the bees knees when I didn't have to go into the DOS prompt anymore to play X-Wing. If you guys want a real belly laugh, you should do a search on YouTube for Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Perry doing their infomercial on it.
  24. Nice catch, Godric! it's good to know that people are proactively catching that sort of thing here.
  25. My next big purchase this year will be a bunch of parts from NewEgg to build a gaming machine to last at least the next five years. I'm really interested in those new FM1 AMD processors that have their own built in GPU that you can run in tandem with a discreet one. As irresponsible as it may sound, I build every system of mine with gaming primarily in mind even though I make my living working remotely. I figure performance for work or projects will pretty much be there either way. I don't particularly like consoles because I can repair my PC on the fly by replacing a part, whereas with a console, it just becomes 'broken'. Not many lightsaber mods you can run in the 360 version of Skyrim either....just sayin'.
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