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  1. One of my friend's younger brother made $16,000 last year from cheesy airsoft gun videos. Can't imagine how he got so many views (500,00+), but can't knock the hustle! He's only 16 too, future millionaire in the making !
  2. Times New Roman FTW! Anything other than Helvetica (personally pet peeve)
  3. Not a movie...but the Fresh Prince episode when Will meets his father made me shed a tear. Hard to watch even now.
  4. Yea I don't see this holding up either...people would be FURIOUS!
  5. I only have a laptop...but during a stay at a rather luxurious hotel in Philadelphia, I found myself glued to their complementary Ipad! It was easy to use, and the large screen was more than enough for me.
  6. I use yahoo...however, am not in love with the service. Thinking about switching to Gmail, as almost everyone ITT is recommending it.
  7. 3 yahoos 1 myfairpoint 1 gmail (that I can't remember the password...lol)
  8. True story! My eyes get tired from looking at my Iphone screen all day. I'm slowly going blind
  9. Currently 360...however; nothing is more fun then playing some good old Super Nintendo! Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, man the list goes on!
  10. Don't get Beats! They are over priced. You can get much better quality for the steep price tag. Sennheiser makes very good headphones, take a look at those.
  11. Awesome site! I could spend hours scrolling through these lol. If only I was rich...*dreams*
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