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  1. well as long as you're not investing any money in it, then there's no possibility of being scammed. You should Google for some People's opinions maybe, never heard of it until now
  2. Who says they only overclock when its outdated? People with i5's and i7's at the moment overclock their CPU's. Even Intel know's it, so they release unlocked "K" Processors. Why not get the most power out of something youi buy?
  3. Hey dave, Welcome to the forums Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. I like victor's idea. Competitions, That attracts a helluva lot of people. Problem being, If your forum isn't interesting enough, those people will leave when you no longer run competitions
  5. Generally I thought MYSQL Handled all data requests, Never knew it could be done with PHP... Relieving server pressure by upto 30% Is quite a huge figure though
  6. Looks lije you were just a beginner. If so then thats some pretty good work for just a beginner
  7. Welcome there Hope you ejoy your stay, and manage to dwelve deeper into your IT Field
  8. Woah, Thomas complaining about x10? They Must've really screwed up
  9. Now that steam is moving to MAC aswell, should be quite good for gaming
  10. Woah interesting So it's technically a site speed and protection service? How hard is it to get installed on a site?
  11. Pascal's pretty much dead now right?
  12. LOL! Long story I first joined this free hosting website that had a graphic section that i took a liking to. Started learning from there, following tutorials and whatnot. After that it was all trial and error.. I offered my services free which in turn helped me improve my work through practice
  13. Welcome mate Goood luck with C++, heard it's pretty tough
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