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  1. I have never used Namecheap! You say there trusty? I'll check them out!
  2. Thanks for sharing these useful sites! I'm off to try them out.
  3. Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook gives you the option of either Cost Per Click or Click Per 1000 Impressions (CPM). There are a few bidding strategies that you should be aware of to maximize your ROI. 1. Start with CPC: By starting with a cost-per-click model, you can continue to refine your campaign and ONLY pay when someone clicks on your ad. If you started with a CPM model, you would be paying every 1000 impressions, regardless of how effective or how many clicks you receive. 2. Switch to CPM: After you have spend time refining your campaigns (adjusting bids, ad copy, images) and you are getting a high CPC, you should then switch it over to CPM. This way your spend will go way down and your traffic will stay high. 3. Crank Up Your Spend: Once you have a campaign dialed in and you are making money, its time to crank up your ad spend. If you can make $2 for every $1 you spend, there is no reasons that you should increase your spend way up to maximize profits!
  4. Protecting your admin panel password and FTP account password is a matter of creating letter and number combinations that are not easy to guess. I always try to use the most difficult password possible. A secure password is at least 8 characters long and includes a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters like punctuation. The more complex and obscure your password, the tougher it is for hackers to crack. Have you guys ever had your passwords hacked?
  5. Yep that's a good offer Shole! It's worth buying some .com domains now just to get a .info free! I'll go check it out and maybe buy some!
  6. No I've never tried a site like that! I may have a look and try some out. I may buy a small site to check them out! I won't be buying from this site thow, it's a scam! So stupid not to give refunds....
  7. Do you guys think godaddys services are woth the cost? I think there Domain Names are expensive! However I do like there hosting and Site builder! There a good trusty company...... Tell me what you think is a .com domain woth The cost? Allso which domain do you Like best? I like and use .com domains as they are accseable worldwide and anyone can view them. Once again let me know what you think......
  8. I'm haveing the same problem with my forum! We started in May 2012 and have 16 members there all Active! I can't get any more to join.
  9. I haven't ever sold any of mine, if I don't want them I close them!
  10. I preferred the Old layout!! Im no good at design work. I hate the timeline....
  11. It was very helpfull! Some great advise in there! A good read, recommend to friends.
  12. I agree Word Of Mouth is best! If you have friends tell them to join! Adding a link to your Signature can sometimes help....
  13. I have no idea what Magic Quotes are! I may upgrade later I'll see!
  14. I like it! It's s nice feature. I'll defiantly be using it!! Thanks for sharing....
  15. I have one and I have to say the new Display is a Brillant feature! I allso like all the other 'new features'! All in all very Well Done!
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