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  1. I've been looking around odesk.com and freelance.com. I'm glad I've read everyone's comments here. It sounds like I need not bother completing my profile on freelancer.com; I don't want to be considered scummy! I know my niece found a temp job on Odesk for 9.50 per hour which sounds much, much better than most of the wages that I've seen on the site. The low wages are really quite appalling. That is why I've stayed away from these sites for this long. I will take another look at elance.com and I also will look at vworker.com and tryscriptlance.com. At the end of the day, with the eco
  2. Hi, I am working on creating a blog at this site. I have a few questions so I went to their support area and posted my questions over the past few weeks. I have not received ONE response for any of my questions. Is that the common experience of everyone? Several years ago I created a quick and dirty website using Microsoft's Live Office and they at least had the decency to answer my questions in a fairly prompt manner, even if the answers weren't that helpful...
  3. I just look a quick look at it. It looks much more professional and well put together than Reddit.com. I haven't used Reddit.com that much either, but between the two, right now I'll be looking at Digg more... I'm glad you mentioned it, I'm always looking for a good source of news input. Thanks!
  4. You could maybe try http://jquery.com/ Jquery is an ajax library. I haven't looked over their site much but it looks like they have some tutorials. I've read that JQuery works even with IE, which is a miracle since IE seems to be behind the times when it comes to nice integration of tools.
  5. Let me clarify a bit. I do know that the ID tags are needed. Actually all the CSS3 examples I've seen have the following: class=styleFoo in the HTML tag area which refers to the CSS3 class. To write out the matching css3 class, I have seen .styleFoo {blah, blah, blah}, but I have not seen #styleFoo {blah, blah, blah}. So I'm really questioning as to whether the # sign is used... Thanks.
  6. Thank you! Would you say this usage has fallen out of favor in CSS3? I haven't seen any examples of this in CSS3 in all the literature I've looked at.
  7. If Microsoft is cutting prices, I'm not surprised. I think as a company, they are getting left behind in the dust. Sure, their OS's are obviously in great use, but other than that, what are they doing that is so amazing? Not much. Mobile development is hot, hot hot. iPhone and Android. Browser useage has FINALLY changed and IE is dropping in favor...you get the picture. There are so many free and open-source software tools out there, why buy Microsoft stuff when you can get great tools for free?? I am almost starting to feel sorry for Microsoft. (I always root for the underdog.)
  8. Hi, A couple of years ago I started a web page and I had some code where I was using some css to style a DIV. For the css I had the following: #maincontainer { blah, blah, blah} and of course I referred to this in the DIV by: <div class="maincontainer"> I am now looking at CSS3 and I see references to items such as.... body { blah, blah, blah} .leftStyle { blah, blah, blah} and pseudo classes. I am not seeing anything in .CSS3 where one makes use of the # sign to define some .css. I put the #maincontainer in an .html file I created and it works, it's ju
  9. Vic, I think you should go work for an IT security company. You know how the criminal mind operates! If you want to beat the hackers, you gotta have the mind of a hacker...
  10. http://www.dotfree.com/all-the-answers.html would be a good place to go for more info. Technically, right now you can register up to 25 names without paying anything. They will have an extension of .free. At some point in the future you would have to pay money to hold the name. That is, if they still have it to 'give' to you. They don't guarantee anything at this point. At the end of the day, it almost sounds like potentially if you want to hold on to the name, they're going to auction it off to the highest bidder. That is probably why some people are reporting that they KNOW a name i
  11. Gee, this sounded interesting. I had not heard of the .free in the recent past. I guess there is no harm in trying to pick 20 names if they're free. But it doesn't sound like one should rely on them. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm off to go pick out my names!
  12. Hey everyone, Just thought I would pass along a browser I read about in a PC magazine and decided to try. It's called "Maxthon" and I just downloaded it today. They tout themselves as being faster than other browsers and my initial opinion is to agree with them. I did not get out my stopwatch to clock them, but it does seem a smidge faster than Firefox which is what I normally use. They also have a feature where they will render to up-to-date (toolwise) sites but they also have a retro mode where they will use a legacy engine for those sites built with older tools. To be honest, I h
  13. Hey, I'm lovin the "bang for your bing" thing. I think you've stumbled onto something. I also like the google/gaggle thing. lol!
  14. S.O. Price


    I can't say I used Joomla, but I'm for anything that will let me do what I want/need to do. If at the end of the day, I have the control, power and flexibility to accomplish my task, then I'm in. If it means there is a learning curve, that's ok. Yes, it's a pain to wander around at first wondering how to do something, but I would rather deal with that then get frustrated because I have to work with a piece of software that just will not let me do what needs to be done and instead makes me settle for hokiness.
  15. I have never heard anything that would lead a person to believe that a cleaner desktop could give better performance.... I personally am a little guilty of having a fair amount of icons.. Never really thought one way or the other about it. I do make notes and actually wish for something better that would give a daily scratchpad reminder list right on my screen. Seems like it would be really handy to have it right in front of my nose. There actually probably is such a thing, but I haven't found the gumption to look for one.
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