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  1. wow, could only dream of those kinds of speeds LOL
  2. Quite stable these days in comparison to the first time I ever tried it, although that was about a year ago. Only moved back to ubuntu as my audiophile card I could not get to work in kubuntu no matter what I did.
  3. Not every database is on a webpage
  4. Ubuntu or kubuntu for me depending on my mood LOL.
  5. Easy answer to this is you have to eventually force yourself to learn. Get a server and as and when you want to do something, do it. If you dont know how google it and find out. If you break something, do not ask someone to fix it, instead either ask how to fix it of someone or again google it. IMO it really is the only way to learn it properly. If however you want to give yourself a little bit of a kick start before you decide to get a server for yourself, I would suggest moving over to a linux dist like ubuntu,kubuntu etc. Force yourself to use this and only this for a month at minimum a
  6. Well kinda .... I wasnt sure whether I was back of if I was in some kinda third dimension where an worldwide evil corporation called Digitized had taked over all forums in an attempt to take over the worlds information resources.
  7. Needs to be a little more contrast on main page as it looks almost like its faded out and inactive links
  8. Wife would lead you to believe I'm never around.. But aye Im here.... To be honest I wondered where these emails were coming from LOL
  9. Well I originally posted my topic on 27 June and I have completed my month of testing and beyond. The reason I have gone beyond it is simply as I have begun to like ubuntu much more than I like windows, and therefore have stuck to it. So in conclusion, as someone who has tried linux before and not really got on with it, I can honestly say that if you want to try it then try it for a reasonable amount of time before you make your mind up. Current situation: I have had to keep a windows installation due to work stuff which is .net and sql server based, however I have completely refor
  10. Marc

    What is CakePHP

    Cake php is a framework for php, best place to learn it is actually their own site http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/index.html
  11. Marc

    New VB Modification

    The 2 are incomparible as they do fundimentally different things. The reason I actually wrote the membermap in the first place was because that one didnt suit my needs (or indeed that or many other). What Digital points does: Geocodes each user that is online using a php geocoding database and plots those online users on the map. So you can see approximatly where the users who are online now, unless they are using a proxy, a vpn etc. What mine does: Each member can, if they wish, plot their location on the map. Therefore you can see every user who has plotted there location
  12. Marc

    $3 Must Sell

    OK I gotta ask. Whats the urgency to get rid of a domain for only $3. I really think you should state the real reason, as when you were stating a good few dollars I could understand it being for money, however for $3 Im sorry but to anyone looking at this your likely to be putting them off wondering what is wrong.
  13. Congratulations on the job m8
  14. Would seriously switch it over to a different host m8. These guys are screwin ya
  15. jealous of some of these LOL
  16. Sticking with ubuntu for the moment whilst I get used to linux properly, but might have a play with mint at some point.
  17. Marc

    Nintendo or Sega Kid?

    Golden Axe and Columns for hours and hours on end for me
  18. If you have WHM its just a case of point your domain to your server as you will have already done with your first one, then set up a new account for that domain in WHM. That will create everything you need.
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