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    Marc got a reaction from Carly Swinson in Nintendo or Sega Kid?   
    Golden Axe and Columns for hours and hours on end for me
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    Marc got a reaction from jodiann12 in Your opinions on WYSIWYG Editors?   
    wysiwyg is great for end users, not for developers. They tend to fill your code full of rubbish..... Thats one point of view. However in the same respect it depends on what your using. Anyone who develops in visual studio has likely used a form designer which is also a form of wysiwyg. So I suppose the answer is, it depends on how well it does what you want it to do.
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    Marc got a reaction from Microsuck in What was the First Programming Language You Learned?   
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    Marc reacted to Thomas in Time For Me To Complain About x10   
    I'm now with VopaHost with something completely overpowered for what I have.
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    Marc reacted to Thomas in Ability to edit   
    You could also ask one of us very nicely, with lots of cake and promises of ruling the world by our side and we might change a letter or 2...
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    Marc reacted to Victor Leigh in Ubuntu test 2   
    I just found out something while playing around with Debian. Apt-get and aptitude are said to be work the same way but actually they don't. Aptitude works better. It even takes care of missing dependencies. So it would be a good idea to use aptitude instead of apt-get.
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    Marc reacted to redinit in Ubuntu test 2   
    APT and Aptitude are both frontends to DPKG. I would use APT for major upgrades (ex. 11.10 to 12.04) because it finds a quicker upgrade path for multiple packages and aptitude for basic updates.
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    Marc got a reaction from Nathan in New VB Modification   
    Thought I would post this up here for anyone who is running vbulletin and is interested.
    Been looking around to try and find a membermap for my site for a while now, without any success unless I convert from german. So I figured my coding is a lot better than my german and wrote my own.
    Can download on vbulletin.org http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=285479





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    Marc reacted to Jessi in Social media size sheet   
    In text:
    Amazing cheat sheet for every size you might need for various cover photos, etc.
    This post has been promoted to an article
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    Marc reacted to __Darknite in What programming languages do you know?   
    I've played around with node.js fantastic stuff, however If I was asked to do big project for a client I would not use it.
    Also you're forgetting, that you also would need SQL at some point, unless you are planning on not having any data-store what so ever. Web development requires a whole set of different languages. It would be nice to have a single language/platform but that's not how the real world works. Also different languages and platforms have their own strengths and weakness. For example, as much as I like .NETs LINQ it will never replace hardcore SQL
    In terms of complexity, as the codebase increases, naturally complexity increases also.
    I agree with one point, writing clean modular and robust code is NOT easy. Generally PHP programmers are not famous for writing clean code! However this is about better education and training, clean code can be done in any language.
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    Marc got a reaction from Victor Leigh in What programming languages do you know?   
    C# (Windows and Mobile)
    Java for android dev to a degree
    Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/R2
    Microsoft Access
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    Marc reacted to Nathan in Learning AJAX   
    CodeSchool I just started, worth the $25/month for the training they give you.
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    Marc reacted to __Darknite in Learning AJAX   
    What specific things do you want to learn about ajax?
    I can give you a super basic tutorial right here:
    * Using JavaScript you create an HTTP Object, and then make an Asynchronous call (either HTTP Get, or HTTP Post).
    * Usually you define a "callback" function, that executes when the server responds with data.
    * In your callback function, you then render the data on the client side.
    * During the process, the page does not need to refresh.
    So on the client side:
    small ajax library functions

    //======================================================= // Ajax Call //======================================================= function AjaxCall(action, data, fn_callback, fn_Error) { var xmlhttp = (window.XMLHttpRequest) ? new XMLHttpRequest() : new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() { if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) { fn_callback(xmlhttp.responseText); } if(xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status !==200) { if(fn_Error!==null) { fn_Error(data); } } } xmlhttp.open("GET",GetDataUrl(action, data),true); xmlhttp.send(); } function GetDataUrl(action, data) { var seed = new Date().getTime(); return "/ajax.php?action="+action+"&data="+encodeURIComponent(data)+"&seed="+seed; }
    now lets make our ajax calls!

    AjaxCall("SayHello", "__Darknite",GotResponse,GotError); function GotResponse(data) { alert(data); } function GotError(data) { alert("Something went wrong, error: "+data); }
    I'm not going to show the sever side, just assume you have a server page called "ajax.php". This script would then simply take the parameters as defined earlier and spit data back.
    That's about 90% mechanics of ajax. Of course this is just the tip of the "iceberg".
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    Marc reacted to Victor Leigh in Ubuntu test 2   
    You can try to boot up from Puppy Linux and use the grub4dos loader in Puppy. It makes a better boot-up menu. I always do that after installing a new os for testing.
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    Marc reacted to CHiLL in Little ones Growing into technology?   
    It doesn't make them smarter, it just means they're learning different things. I don't think kids that young should be exposed to that much technology so early in their life.
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    Marc got a reaction from Nathan in Read   
    Cant see any problem with that. Would have an issue if you were just posting advertisements and nothing else, but your not so as far as Im concerned go for it.
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    Marc reacted to __Darknite in Personal developing rules?   
    For me personally I follow this mantra:
    Always imagine the solution first, write it down on paper (the design). Then code it.
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    Marc reacted to ridwan sameer in I may have accidentally   
    if you need some testers tell me and ill sign up on your forum and help you test
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    Marc reacted to __Darknite in Writing Clean Robust PHP database Code [Tutorial]   
    You certainly can use PDO if you want
    But if you want a minimal and robust DAL then that's what the tutorial is for.
    Look libraries are fantastic things. However there seems to be an entire generation of "Software Engineers" that have become so dependent on frameworks and libraries that they are just "glue programming".
    As an example:
    One of our flagship internal enterprise company application has a virtual case board. It was originally created using off the shelf libraries. The performance was shockingly bad.
    I scrapped the entire module and re-wrote it by hand, using no libraries or frameworks.
    The result?
    The entire code was only a few hundred lines long versus the thousands of lines when you consider all the libraries and frameworks.
    I'm not suggesting not using libraries, you most certainly should. But at the same time, you should know how to roll things from scratch too.
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    Marc got a reaction from __Darknite in Languages similar to C#   
    I like you. You make me feel less geeky LMAO
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    Marc reacted to __Darknite in Languages similar to C#   
    C++ is a systems programming language, its used to create everything from operating systems to even C#
    C# is a nice "managed language", however it is not the same as C++ which gets compiled down to native executable.
    C# is conceptually very much like Java.
    You have an agnostic virtual machine (Java Virtual Machine JVM and the Common Language Runtime CLR). Then you have multiple languages that target those virtual machines.
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    Marc reacted to SpikeTheLobster in To all you who say macs can't/don't get viruses   
    What's your IP?
    That's a very, very naïve approach. Haven't you ever heard that "there's always someone smarter than you"? Unfortunately, this is especially true in the IT world, so you're just inviting trouble if you don't run an AV utility. Malware does not only propagate through user stupidity - it propagates through multiple avenues, any one of which means you could be the next easy target.
    Get an AV. It doesn't matter what OS you run... get an AV. There are plenty of good, free ones around and not having one is like driving everywhere without a seatbelt: no, it's not likely you'll have an accident... but the day you do, you're dead.
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    Marc reacted to ridwan sameer in How did you learn HTML/CSS   
    I agree with this, When learning a language I think copying and pasting is probably a bad practice.. I mean even if it's a snippet that you already know.. typing it out will make you remember it properly
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    Marc reacted to SwitchCase in What is Your Favorite Browser?   
    I use Google Chrome for its stability, speed, security, simplicity, uncluttered user interface, trustworthy extensions and splendid features. I love the way it updates silently in the background and how easy it is to configure. You don't also have to worry updating adobe flash to the latest version because it is already included in the update.
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    Marc reacted to Victor Leigh in Minimal active members, minimal new posts, minimal visitors   
    Speaking purely from the viewpoint of a regular forum poster who had never been a moderator, I would say that staff are not only the face of the forum. They also represent the whole idea of the forum. It's not good enough that they are active. They must be active in a way that reflects the aspirations of the forum.
    Let's say, just as an example, that the forum is about love and romance. The mods on such a forum must show a strong interest in love and romance and this must be seen clearly in their posts. If they are constantly being cynical about love and romance, then the members will begin to wonder whether they, the members, are in the wrong forum or they, the mods, are in the wrong forum.
    It boils down to the old but tested adage "Justice must be done and seen to be done".
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