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  1. Luckily, I haven't had the need to outsource anything as of yet. But that may change REAL soon.
  2. Sorry man, I didn't think about that. Next time I'll be sure to look for deals in the U.S as well as abroad.
  3. Yeah, that's another thing. Currently, you can't made any monetization off your vimeo videos.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm basically looking to hire a coder that can make a certain IPB hook. I'm looking for an arcade hook creator. But not just any hook. I'm looking for someone that can create a hook that is compatibile with Mochi games. I'm willing to negotiate a price. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  5. Yeah, you and me both. But hey, in order for it to be seen as a scam or not, someone has to be brave enough to test it (unfortunately that's me) lol
  6. Then you're out of luck lol. And as for the only games worthwhile, that's just an opinion. There's plenty more than an old MGS game and disgaea that are good about the PS3.
  7. Very good questions to ask. I'm going to review my stats and hopefully have a decent answer for you. I'm sort of "guinea pigging" myself on this one
  8. I would pick youtube as it embeds easier into almost anything. And the plethora of ever increasing content
  9. I'm just trying this out myself. But Sharexy is a way to monetize the social media buttons. They take all your buttons and replace them with their version of the same. For example, your twitter button will be replaced with their version of your twitter button. And whenever a person hovers, likes, visits, etc your button, you get paid. If anyone has tried it before, please add your input. If not, I'll be back with more details on how it works as I continue to use it.
  10. After all the outcrying by fans, it appears Konami has finally broken down. After all these years, they are finally giving Metal Gear Solid 4 a trophy patch. News Here
  11. Since gaming is expensive, I figured I'd share something I just found a few minutes ago. Some of you may already be aware of this, but for those that don't, Gamestop is having a Gamestock event here they are selling games at discount prices. Here is a link to some of the items they're selling right now: Game Deals
  12. Most of us (at least by now) know the reality that being a gamer in this day and age isn't exactly wallet friendly. The prices have generally shot up at an average of $5 more per gaming generation. So now it's a the point we have to pick the games we buy in a timely manner to catch them on the cheap. AKA being a thrifty gamer. I for one would consider myself a thrifty gamer for sure. Does anyone else consider themselves the same?
  13. lol ok yeah there IS that. But eventually I expect someone to put up some sort of method to get around it.
  14. I do have good placement. And that's the problem. For all the effort I put into that, I still get far more from other methods than I do the searches now.
  15. I can't stand when people do that anywhere. Whether it be a blog, website, forum, or other. I don't understand how the poster can honestly expect people to read that. Anytime I've seen posters do that I immediately move along and neglect wasting my time any further.
  16. I couldn't tell you much in regard to using it with Chrome. But I've uses the new Paypal in its entirety with Firefox and didn't run into any problems.
  17. What kills me is even after all this time, nobody has found a way to fully bypass them yet.
  18. I get the most annoyed with intermission ads. At least with pop ups and flash you can block them totally. But with intermissions, even if you block the ad, the screen still comes up and you have to wait for a few seconds to move on.
  19. See the thing is, it's something I started paying attention to for the past 2 months. Less than 8% of my total traffic is coming from Google. And even less from all the other search engines. I'm not saying I would totaly abandon SEO, because that would be insane. But it's nice to know that should Google try more of their TOS modification and crack down on whoever they "feel" is against their TOS, it would have little to no effect on me.
  20. I asked this because I've noticed something about my website. I've optimized my site as best I could to be search engine friendly. And yes, it does bring new people. But I'm finding that I get more traffic and more actual new members as a result of connecting with other websites. It almost feels like if the search engines ceased to exist for a few months, my site would hardly feel the effect.
  21. I'm with lobster. If you can, I'd like the information as well if you're willing to share
  22. I've tried to tell people for years that the ONLY reason you don't hear much about MAC viruses is because not many people USE the Mac. That's the simple fact of it all. Not because it "can't"
  23. I'd go with laptops. Sure a tablet may be "cool". But a laptop has more versatility than tablets do. Tablets, work/ business wise don't really compete well against even the average laptops.
  24. I still play. But ONLY when they do free events (which they do a lot of now lol) But the updates are minimal at best. So if you've already canceled it, I can safely say there isn't enough to make it worth your money to buy into it again.
  25. I don't really mind the redesign. Although I don't feel it's really needed. I guess they're trying to push their features to the forefront (given the bottom of the page Jessi posted) but I'm not sure if this really helps/ hurts their overall image anyway.
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