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  1. Also, a true "cloud" would be a fully redundant, self healing network of nodes. This could be 5 nodes, 20 nodes or 100 nodes. It all depends on who your provider is. One issue that's frequently run into is because of using a SAN vs local storage, the r/w times can be higher.
  2. The only functional difference between a cloud server and a normal VPS is that a cloud server can migrate between hardware as needed. This is probably outside of your control, so it will be difficult to 'prove' it. You can't use the "if it only takes a few minutes to add ram, it's a cloud server" argument, because I can do the same with our VPS's. You may also find "Cloud" servers to be a bit slower sometimes over a traditional VPS container because typically the host nodes have lower specs than the typical VPS node. It also depends on your providers "definition" of the term "Clo
  3. There's not much difference other than the hardware aspect. Licensing is cheaper for a virtual instance & in a lot of cases you can get a more powerful VPS for less than a comparable physical server.
  4. I've got nothing for that one. Although it is a free service so I guess you can't really complain.
  5. I wouldn't say they're all crappy, ad riddled, but I honestly wouldn't expect much out of them. Just remember, they're not obligated to provide you anything at all... working one day then gone the next.
  6. Content has been updated since a company name change has taken place. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  7. Since the last posts here on the forum, we have changed company names & re-vamped our offerings. I have updated the thread with our new plans. If anyone has any questions, please do let me know. Thanks, Brent
  8. Well, generally speaking the cheaper the service, the less you'll get. Someone once told me, "pay peanuts & get monkeys".
  9. Hosting plan update - shared & reseller packages now feature double resources!
  10. Hosting plan update - shared & reseller packages now feature double resources!
  11. This should never happen. Best practice should be to disable/suspend the account until everything is sorted out, not just delete files.
  12. Nathan, As I mentioned, I have sent you an email & cc'd my developer contact. Just wanted to be sure you got the email. Thanks, Brent
  13. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread, I haven't been on the forum in a few days. As I mentioned above, there was a problem with the install. -Brent
  14. Wow, that's horrible. I have a reputable developer I could put you in contact with if you're interested. I forward any website work to him that comes through us.
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