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  1. The only functional difference between a cloud server and a normal VPS is that a cloud server can migrate between hardware as needed. This is probably outside of your control, so it will be difficult to 'prove' it.


    You can't use the "if it only takes a few minutes to add ram, it's a cloud server" argument, because I can do the same with our VPS's. 


    You may also find "Cloud" servers to be a bit slower sometimes over a traditional VPS container because typically the host nodes have lower specs than the typical VPS node. 


    It also depends on your providers "definition" of the term "Cloud". Many providers throw the term cloud around when referring to a regular VPS instance. 

  2. I used to like 000Webhost but they once lost my site and had no record of it on their servers. I, being young and foolish, didn't back it up...rookie error, but still, support wasn't amazing.


    I've got nothing for that one. Although it is a free service so I guess you can't really complain. 

  3. I am looking to start up a few projects, but only to muck around and when they are ready to go, transfer to a paid host. This won;t happen for about 6 months thus I am investigating if anyone knows any reliable, free webhosts...or are they all crappy, ad riddled hosts?


    I wouldn't say they're all crappy, ad riddled, but I honestly wouldn't expect much out of them. Just remember, they're not obligated to provide you anything at all... working one day then gone the next. 

  4. I think this host needs to be seriously reviewed. I have had a similar experience long ago. My hosting was terminated because they said I was spamming from it. They didn't even want to know anything that I wanted to tell them. Good thing it was just used for testing purposes. That's why now, I tend to let things run experimentally for a couple of months before I go into production mode.


    This should never happen. Best practice should be to disable/suspend the account until everything is sorted out, not just delete files.

  5. This isn't DNS, it's ClamAV.


    I have our best linux tech working on this issue. It will not hinder the performance of the machine, it simply runs AV each night. We sometimes come across weird errors related to ClamAV running. When building VPS's by hand, things are configured a little differently than the standard cookie cutter VPS. We lock the firewalls down to the extreme and perform other tasks.


    Sometimes cPanel/WHM doesn't completely see some DNS related entries even though they're there and correct.


    I usually browse the forums every few hours checking to see if any customers have reported any issues that we need to be aware of. Thankfully, I've got our best tech working on your VPS. :)

  6. This may be comptlelty silly but it is something that I have never found out how to do.


    Is there a way to host 2 different websites on 2 different domaine names using the same

    • cPanel Shared Hosting
    • VPS (with WHMCS and cPanel and managed)
    • VPS (unmanaged)

    If so can anyone point me towards a guide?



    Absolutely. There are a few ways. Without cPanel, you could use something like Webmin.


    With cPanel, on a VPS you will have WHM as well. You can use WHM to create as many accounts as you need. Each will have their own domain name and DNS records on the server.


    • shared: you use addon domains (cPanel)

    • VPS - cPanel - use WHM (Web Host Managed)

    • VPS - non cPanel - you can use something along the lines of webmin



    We are also working on creating the exact guides you're looking for in our Knowledge base. They're just still in the works.

  7. First things first is money isn't an issue. The bigger issues is that I know next to nothing about working with a VPS. Currently it is hosted x10premium at but I am getting terrible load times and they don't allow me to backup. I also had to raise and issue with them about a very stupid MySQL problem that the frontline simply knew nothing about.


    Currently it is hosted on a Shared host. It is also going to be the only website I host with it.


    The website is http://www.respawngamers.com/index.php


    I really don't know how to go about decide on what to go with. :(


    Ok, so we have a few options here.


    1.) Shared Hosting - most likely the business plan, due to the space. We run LiteSpeed as well as CloudFlare. (See my 3rd option as well)


    2.) Smaller managed VPS - This would actually be your best bet for a growing forum. The reason I say this is because we can instantly scale the VPS on demand. You will also get dedicated resources & database engine.


    I did take a look at your forum, and it does seem to have some lag when moving throughout the forum.


    3.) At the top of my recommendation, I would say a "middle of the road" VPS such as Sand Shark (will be moving upgrading this plan to 1GB RAM in the next few weeks). Here's my bullet proof solution for your forum that would allow you to scale & utilize as little resources as possible without being extremely pricey.

    • Sand Shark VPS (managed)
    • LiteSpeed VPS (purchase through us)
    • CloudFlare Module (we include our CloudFlare Partner module with our managed VPS's)
    • SharkShield Comprehensive Security & Configuration (installation, configuration & optimization of cPanel/WHM & optimization of LiteSpeed if purchased & complete server security.)

    Personally the VPS is the best option when it comes to forums. Combine LiteSpeed & our CloudFlare Partner module you will most certainly notice an immediate performance increase. Being that it would be a VPS, you could either use the cPanel backup feature or a remote backup feature using RSYNC. I would highly recommend a managed plan should you decide to go the VPS route. cPanel iis also included with our managed plans, so there's no need for a cPanel license.


    Feel free to shoot me an email at brent@vopahost.com with any questions. I can give you a 10% recurring discount on the VPS w/ LiteSpeed package if you'd like.






    EDIT: edited a little wording for better explanation.

  8. Well I am about to buy mine! :D


    Is there currently any discounts? Also I'm very bad with this all server stuff so I don't actually know what I need. :(




    Which hosting package are you interested in? If you're looking into shared or reseller hosting, you won't need much experience. VPS's on the other hand, require a little more administration unless you go with a managed plan.


    Let me know which plan you're interested in and I'll see which discounts are available.




  9. You can always give your clients a choice.


    They can either choose to pay the one-time setup fee plus a case-based service charge or they can choose to pay a monthly management fee. Those who expect their sites to run without much problems would opt for the first choice while those who expect their sites to require a lot of daily maintainance would opt for the second choice. Of course, those who can handle their sites by themselves, would try to save money by choosing the unmanaged option.


    Choice, from what I have read somewhere, is a marketing tool.


    True, you've got a good point there and I could see this working out good for the company offering it as well as the customer.

  10. From my personal experience, most of the work in managing a server is at the beginning when you set it up. After that, it runs, more or less, by itself. I have seen some companies that offer management services for the first month, some for a fee, some for free. Do you think that might be an advantage to the user? Like in terms of savings.


    It could, and it could also be a good idea. That is something I will look into possibly offering with our unmanaged VPS's. As far as managed go, they're managed at all times, monitored etc etc.


    I do like the idea though of a one time fee to configure the server. The only thing that could become a problem is having to tell a customer there's a fee each time there's a request for something - this is why we have managed.

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