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  1. Just keep in mind, the site is only as secure as the server it's on. If the company hosting it doesn't secure their servers properly, anything on those servers is vulnerable.
  2. Same here. Especially in the internet marketing world, the pop up ads are ridiculous. As soon as an ad comes "sliding" down the page from the top telling me to enter my email, I immediately close the site.
  3. Like I said, keep an eye out for promotions. We will also be running a promotion when we launch our new website here soon. We do also have a few paid specials running on Warrior Forum. We are currently running a recurring 50% discount on our Basic Cloud Hosting plan. If anyone is interested, the promo code is "cloudwso" without the quotes. (wso stands for Warrior Special Offer). Not too many promos are run on WHT, as it draws in a lot of fraudulent orders, so we mainly specialize in the Internet Marketing industry. I also forgot to mention about JotForm, which we run a owned, license
  4. Hi Tetutato, While our prices are above the average "budget/bargain host", we are not a budget/bargain hosting company. There are a few things to factor in here: Licensing - software, installers LiteSpeed etc. All of our servers run LiteSpeed, not Apache. Support - we offer true support to resolve issues. Communication & expertise is key and we are not script readers like a lot of others. RAID arrays - EVERY account we host is in a RAID 10 environment. RAID 10 requires more disks and thus costs us more to run. On the other hand, the performance & redundancy is like no other.
  5. The main problem you're going to run into is your ISP throttling your connection. For running a home server, "upload" speed is more important than download speed. 9 times out of 10, port 25 is going to be blocked anyway. ISP's don't like people running web servers from the little $40 6meg soho connection. Like I mentioned above, if it's for personal stuff, then sure. If you plan on charging people, then no. If you're going to run web servers from home, at least colo it, but then it's not at your home. I also saw some replies regarding testing/development stuff - why not use something
  6. Thanks Ridwan. Yes, I am the owner of VopaHost.
  7. Keep an eye out for special promotions. We have a few over on Warrior Forum as well as WHT.
  8. With some hosts, when you register a domain name through them, "they" register the domain. The domain usually has the company information and resides in the companies domain registrar account. To the main registrar, the domain appears to belong to the company who registered it. While it's unethical to do so, there are companies out there that will attempt to hold your domain to keep you from leaving. Usually they have it buried in their terms somewhere that if you leave before a set period of time, you forfeit the domain. This also happens in a lot of cases when companies run a domain special
  9. I see where you're talking about. For the Cloud Hosting & Features/Site Builders, we don't have a "general" page that contains info for both of them. We have separate pages, shown in the drop downs. We are however, having a new website designed as I type this so be on the lookout for a launch. We will also be launching our VPS offerings here soon either with the new website or shortly after. -Brent
  10. Correct, "all" of our hosting is on RAID 10. (1+0, nested.). Cloud hosting should take you to this link: http://www.vopahost.com/vopahost-cloud-web-hosting Browser issue maybe?
  11. It's easier for some people to have both their domain & hosting with the same company. Usually, best practice is to keep them separate that way the host can't hold the domain "hostage". I've seen it done before, and it's ridiculous but some companies do it.
  12. Below is a list of our current hosting packages & services. Why choose LiquiLayer Technologies as your web host? We offer reliable hosting services We're a Certified CloudFlare Partner We treat our customers like real people, not just another account Our focus is providing reliable & fast services & support, not just taking your money We care deeply about our customers AND our hosting environments We take security seriously, and do not put up with spammers & questionable websites ....the list goes on Standard Features: cPanel, CloudFlare, StoreGrid Backups, JotForm, ClamAV, L
  13. X100 on this. For personal things, then sure. If you're hosting customer data, then no. Keep in mind though that ISP's don't like people running web servers from their home.
  14. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the advice on the services forum. We are actually in the process of having our website redesigned as well as bringing VPS servers into our lineup. As it sits right now, we specialize in shared & reseller hosting, on both traditional & cloud servers. The plan is to launch our VPS offerings with the new website here in the next couple weeks. Dedicated servers will be following, but I don't have a time frame for those yet. We will be phasing out our developer packages and bringing on better upgrade paths for resellers. As far as reseller plans go, we ar
  15. Hello everyone, My name is Brent from VopaHost.com, just joined today. I'd like to provide as much useful & helpful information as I can here in the forums regarding web hosting as well as anything else. See ya around!
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